Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ah, Cupid ...

... that little imp!

He shot us with a dose of love and sent us straight to our makeshift bedroom for bad behavior.

It didn't hurt that Papi bought me a brand new bunny pearl for a VDay gift.  It wasn't the actual Bunny Pearl brand, but it was worth a go with the Rainbow Rabbit.

Rainbow Rabbit is a little bigger than the Bunny Pearl.  Hehe.

It'll do.  Definitely.  It did.

Papi wasn't even supposed to buy me anything! 

Remember that day that I didn't have the brain power to figure out my love was going to work?  In between the hots and colds of suffering through that shift while still having the flu, mi esposo brought a colleague in to a sex shop to buy me something.  It was the only store open on that late, late Saturday night.

My love came out with the Rabbit and a deck of cards with transitioned F-Ms on them.  The latter was a joke to taunt me.

Mi esposo is a cheeky bugger, I'll tell ya.  Just another reason I love Papi.

So, on our non-electronic day of cherishing each other, we went out for heart shaped pizza, sans cheese for me, and my love had the usual potato skins and pizza crust with parmesan.

Of course, having wheat is problematic for me, as it will cause me to fall asleep involuntarily, but I managed to keep it together (with the exception of a very cranky tummy) for the day.  I'll also be washing my face double time with my 'special water' to be sure those hives don't turn into full on boils.

Sexy, no?

We played card games with our new cards and we each blew the other one out of the water with our choices in games, then Papi conceded on the last one because it was time to numb out and watch our Monday night show of House.

The wheat got the better of me quite early.

I went to bed, leaving a sad faced esposo downstairs, alone for the remainder of the night.  It was the same eyes I get when I leave the dogs for the day!  Talk about feeling the meany!

My intention was to give Papi a 'sext' to lure my love up behind me, but that damn stomach from the wheat!  It was not smelling like romantic rose petals in my vicinity I'll tell ya.  I opted not to embarrass myself with the decision to invite Papi up.

Then came the text from my love apologizing for it not being a romantic day.  I bit the bullet and thought, "Dammit!  I can keep that stomach calm for a jaunt, I'm sure!"

"You can make it up to me by taking the Rabbit for a test run." :)

And we did.

And there was no fear.

And I finally got my love back.

And I held the stomach together during the romp.


One thing though; I'm still not ready to go inspecting the 5 foot vagina to see what's going on down there.  Good thing Papi didn't want any action on this day.

It was all about me.

And it truly was the best Valentine's Day I could have ever asked for.

Thank you Cupid.

The love is back.


  1. Awwww, glad to hear all the good stuff in here! Sounds like the Pearl is a win!

    1. someway, somehow, i missed this comment a year and a half ago lol!


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