Monday, February 28, 2011

Hairy details.

Today may very well be the day, but do I wake Papi from the graveyard coma?

Nobody would like to be woken after a 10 hour vampire shift with, "Honey, I think we need to put Mr. Moustache down today instead of tomorrow."

If I do wake my love, it has to be done soon, or we'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Papi and I have an orthodontic appointment to get our teeth filled with clay muck to see how crooked mi esposo's teeth have become (because Papi didn't want to wear that retainer as a kid, so naughty!), and to see just how much work it will take to correct my 100% overbite.

sexy ... thank gawd i'm not bucktoothed!!!!

We would have to say farewell before, then go to the appointment in tears, and that just doesn't sound appealing.

hello!  we're your new patients and we like to come to appointments crying ... you don't mind do you?

Besides, Papi wanted to spend the day with the Goat-ee Kitt-ee for our parting; the 'it's all about the cat' day.

Yet, I don't know, Smokes from Okotoks is looking like he REALLY doesn't want any company.  I try to pet him, but he looks uncomfortable.

You know cats, they want to be left alone to pass on.  It's so humiliating to them to end their lives with someone looking.

not proper!  do you mind!?!?!?!

We will take the selfish route though, and give him a goodbye in our presence, so that we have our closure.

It seems so wrong, but us humans are not like cats.  We can't just toddle off to the wilderness and allow mother nature to be the last eyes upon us.

No, we need appropriate goodbyes.  We are a strange bunch, us humans.

Papi has the fortunate luck to be on a work-a-holic bender right now.  So, my love is able to use work to distract.

I'm not back to work yet, 

(soon though ... phew!  let's get 'er did you muther fucker of a back!!!)

but when I am, I'll be able to use work as a wonderful commotion to keep me from thinking about 'life' and 'it'.


I think it's quite possible that 'it' is seeming a little more normal. 


Ok.  Maybe not normal.

How about: it's seeming easier to help Papi put on that binder before work every day, so my love can hide those beautiful breasts from the world.

They are mine to see alone.

They will be taken from me too soon, only to be replaced by a soul patch and an emptied womb.

Oh, Papi tried to push leg hair through to wear like a 'guy' would. 

wrong!  shave that shit off.

Another 'rule'.

For now.

Now, to go clean up the bile that the dying kitty has just left for me.

Last day for our Smokey.


  1. I'm so sorry about your kitty. I know how bad it hurts :(

  2. thank you ... it's such a hard day today ... i'm not good with goodbye ... i'm very sloppy with it :(

  3. I'm so sorry. This is the first cat post I have managed not to cry through. I understand everything you say here, and it hurts. I wish I could give you a big hug, in REAL life. But Mr.M was lucky to have you, and he knows when he wants to go.
    Please keep us updated, you are in my thoughts.

  4. it's the first post i haven't cried while writing it too bio

    i think it's because now it feels like i've had my closure.

    know that i feel the hug, albeit virtual :)

  5. Oh, and I am super guilty of not shaving my legs. I always wear pants, and couldn't find a date to save my life, so I never need to, lol.

  6. Ok, so it seems I'm the only one crying through this post. But there were moments I was smiling too.

  7. @ bio: i think it's perfectly fine to have hairy legs ... as long as the person isn't my lover lol!

    @ border: i'll be crying ... i will be ... i think i just needed a day to celebrate smokey ... tomorrow ... tomorrow will be brutal **sighs**

  8. I actually laughed at the bit about going to the dentist - then sniffled at the rest.

    And you're so right about cats - independant to the last.

  9. Every time I shave my legs, a big storms I just don't shave them unless I want it to storm! True story! lol

  10. SO sorry about your cat. I think your journey is awesome to read about. Your strength and love are inspirational. Papi's a lucky man.

  11. @dirty: i wasn't laughing when i had goo in my gums today :)

    @framma: don't tell papi.

    @jamie: thank you my dear ... i'm also lucky to have papi ...

  12. ~HUG~ sorry I have been away! You were in my thoughts while I was off the computer though.


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