Saturday, February 26, 2011

My awards ...

I don't normally post twice in a day, but today I will, as I just want to post about my awards I've received.

I hadn't gotten to this one, because it required work, but here it is:

I had received this from Shareena (you can click on the award to see her blog), and thank you my dear.  Now have to give it to 7 people and say 7 things about me.

I'm giving it to: (unfortunately, you'll have to be invited to see this one)

And now 7 things about me?  God I don't like this part.

I'm the wife of a transgendered FtM
I play 5 instruments, 3 of them well: my voice, electric bass and piano
I love yoga
I am healing from a brain injury from a motorcycle accident 2 years ago
I'm almost 12 years clean and sober
Even though I'm a lesbian I shave ALL my body hair thank you very much
I only swim in water where I can see the ground.

And now the second one, it doesn't take work, just a sweet thank you to that Dirty Cow Girl.  (click to find her):

A few weeks ago, I received one from K Marie: (click and read)

Thank you all of you.  

I really appreciate it.

And to those of you whom I gave it to, thank you to you as well ... I enjoy reading your words.


  1. LOL! Geeez, I have an overload of this award, hahaha. THANK YOU! I added you onto my last list of thank yous, which is now hilariously long.

  2. YOU SAID YOU'RE THE WIFE OF AN FTM TRANSSEXUAL!!!! that's fucking rad darling. i don't know if you know how rad it is, but it is! love you.

  3. bio: i knew you'd laugh ... but you deserve it xo

    oc: i think i know what you mean ... the beginning of acceptance? love you xo

  4. Thanks Andrea, like Bio I had this so Ive added your name to it, nice to be appreciated - I noticed what you said too, and that made me smile for you xx
    Onwards and upwards eh :)

  5. :) i knew you probably had it too lol! and ya ... life is getting easier :)

  6. totally what i mean. proud.
    love ya!


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