Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Haven't gone on the hike yet.  Nobody is feeling like an exploration right now.

It's been a sad house the last 24 hours.

We're dealing with a sick kitty.  He's about 16 years old, and on the last stretch of his journey.

I took him in for a check up yesterday after dropping off Papi at work.  I just wanted to know what we could do to get him to eat.  I didn't expect to hear bad news from the vet.  He is certainly not a candy-coating-it kinda guy.

Straight up, he'll lay the truth out on that cold, steel diagnosis table.

"His kidneys are probably failing.  He's lost too much weight.  Don't worry about feeding him anything for his diabetes, just feed him anything that will get him eating for now."

All day long I sweetly sang coaxing songs to Mr. Moustache (aka Goat-ee Kitt-ee) to try to get him to eat.  I gave him the other cat's food, treats, but no more than a few nibbles were accepted by this fragile, thin, fading being.

c'mon smokes from okotoks ... it's the food you're ALWAYS trying to get your paws into!!!!

To pick him up now, you only need the strength of your pinky finger.  It's truly filling our empty home with woe.

I never got to know this cat when we were down in the basement.  Thanks to the sewage flood, we're living upstairs with the Bathroom Buddy.

Yes, dear Bathroom Buddy, thank you for your company.  I NEVER have to worry about loneliness in the loo.   Honestly, I look forward to his visits.  It makes me giggle every time.

His comforting visits are like clockwork, except for the past few days.

He has won my heart, this crazy cat.  I'm lucky to have the chance to really get to know him.

You can't ever leave a glass of your water unattended, lest it becomes his.  If he can't get his tongue right to the water level, he'll just use his paw.

Yes.  The same paw that he uses in the kitty litter.

He now has his very own glass on the tv tray (aka the living room side table), since he knocked over my glass a few times, giving us our panicked, "Oh my god!  My computer, the phone, the remote!!!!"

He won't drink from the communal water dishes like the rest of the peasants.

Yesterday, the poor little soul jumped up to look at his food, then only whimpered.  He didn't eat.  It is heartbreaking.  He's so into his food normally.  He will bellow it from the depths of his boisterous lungs.

When he wants food, he will get it.  He will win EVERY time.  You can't ignore the sound.

It's a bit like a cat in heat when he gets going.  You know how those air raid sirens take a little bit to warm up, but when they finally go, you have to cover your ears?


That's Smokey-Joe.

You can't ignore it, lord knows I have tried.  It's easier to give in to the lament.

However, the house has been very quiet for a few days.  No songs of hunger from the loud one.

There were tears in Papi's eyes last night while my love looked at this gem of 16 years.  He just slept most of the day.  I think we can all see it's time.

He will be called to peace soon.  He will be a creature of my dreams, coming back in his best form possible to say, "I'm happy, healthy and free!"

Oh, dear kitty.  I am so lucky to have gotten to know you.

Please eat for just a few more days?


  1. ~HUGS~ it is sad when a fur baby gets sick or is preparing for worse. I have had my share of fur babies pass on but the way I look at it is that they are not leaving us, we are letting them go and be pain free to chase the butterflies and birds :)
    You know that pets don't ever leave us unattended for very long, and your pet is not leaving you, he is just making room for another kitty that needs you :)
    Give your kitty a gentle snuggle from me!

  2. This actually made me cry. My cat is slowing down, so much. I have had her since I was 10. And now when she tries to sit, it is so slow. She jumps down, and her hind legs flop to the side. But she refuses to be helped, or coddled. I fear someday I will find her crying, and no longer able to move her back legs.
    I'm so sorry. I know how hard this is. This is something I can understand. Know I am crying here with you. Know that you gave that cat a wonderful, loved life. Know that his spirit with be with you the rest of your life, waiting for you to join him.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my post :) I am glad you can walk also :) It must have been tough to learn to walk again but I am glad you are a strong person and showed your body who is boss!!

  4. @lady ... thanx for the love ...
    @bio ... i'm so sorry you too are feeling the age of your little friend ... it's hard, i'm sorry there's tears for you :(


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