Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I was asked today, "Your spouse is transgendered?" by a legal type of individual, so I was under obligation to answer.

I'm pretty sure if I was asked this question by anyone a year and 2 months ago, I would not have had the same reaction as I did today.

"Yes," I said, with a smile of honesty and comfort.

I suppose it's true.

Everything happens for a reason.

Timing of life sometimes, is so inconceivably intricate.

My love needed to make this change in his life.  He did it when the time was right for him.

Of course, through my wallowing about it all, I would never say there could be a 'right' time for that one.

It's a bit like the ripping of a bandaid.

Just gotta do it.

Did it.


I felt that the ability to answer 'yes' with such grace came, because I've had that 'year' to think it over.

I know how much I love Papi.  I'm proud of mi esposo.

I'm proud to be in love with Papi.

This was the moment I was too afraid to think could ever come.

I'm able to defend my love.

I didn't think I'd ever get here.  I was too busy defending myself.

Somewhere along the line, my defence has switched to having been in favour of Papi.

So, yes, my spouse is transgender.

Yes, I can answer that with love and acceptance.

Yes, I can safely say that when Papi decided to make his transition, that it indeed was the 'right' time.

That smile I had while saying, "Yes," felt better than anything I've felt throughout this whole journey.


i have abundant faith in my ability to succeed


  1. Thinking back to when you first made it known that Papi had decided to go ahead with this, I think it's fair to say that you have transformed as much as he has, albeit not exactly in the same way.

    That you have seen this through is truly a testament to your love.

    1. thank you legacy. thank you for being here along the way.

      it's true as well. yes. i am definitely not the person i was before all of this.

      i'm proud of myself xo

  2. You are just amazing!

    Your silent reader,

  3. I think Legs said it better than I could have. I'm so happy for you both!

    1. Why does the ICBC Lawyer care if i'm transgendered? What on earth does that have to do with someone doing a U-turn and you flying through the air for 15 feet and landing on your head?

    2. sam, yes, legs definitely made my day with his words xoxo

      anonymous: it's just them doing their job to try to rile me up. that's all ...

      i'm above board in all my areas of life. i have nothing to hide.


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