Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cookie Monster

So, you know how we're supposed to be trying to get outta debt?


Papi decided he needed a new BBQ.

We have a few gardening type friends coming by on the weekend to help my love make the garden look pretty, and we're going to feed them BBQ chicken for our thank you.

Well, our little two person Hibachi wasn't good enough for mi esposo.

No, he needed THE JUMBO.

I was not too good at being the assistant when he was putting it together.

It was actually Papi who kept saying, "Look at the directions!  We have to follow the directions!!"

What a refreshing change from the D.I.Y. days of old.

I figured I could do it without too much instruction, but I followed Papi's orders and relayed the next step.

We got it done, even though 6 of the screw points didn't match properly, and there were a few screws left over, but it's done.

We decided to leave that one be.  It may be the bad decision du jour, however, once it was all put together, we needed to test out the new shiny BBQ.

There was something akin to a warning explosion, coupled with a fire breathing dragon, complete with it's tongue grazing my forehead.

Papi and I jumped, and The Golden moved as far away as possible.  He was already on the other side of the deck, so there wasn't really anywhere else to go, however, he made himself as small as he could.

We decided it was working just fine, and the fact that we still had eyebrows and hair left prompted us to leave it for another day.

We used it yesterday, and now here's what's great.

I was nervous about spending anything right now, but I'll tell ya, I enjoyed being catered to.

I was the princess that my prince was cooking a meal for.


Had I have known that all I had to do was spend a couple hundred and I would have my very own chef, well, I would have done that a long time ago!

How lucky am I?

I have a prince who is also chauffeur and chef!

We sat outside with the G'ma, and had a nice meal full of giggles, only G'ma didn't know what our silent giggles were about.  We would just smile at her and ask her how her meal is when she'd catch us smiling too much.

You see, we're using a new tactic with the old bird.


"Have the dogs been fed?" or the variant of cats, birds or even flowers will be asked incessantly.

Our new reaction?  Lie.


And lo and behold!  The conversation ends there!

Then we can get back to eating.

That is of course, up until she notices the dandelion on the other side of the yard.  Her reactions to dandelions are very similar to how I would react to the Apocalypse. 

"There's a dandelion!!!!!!!!!!!!  GET IT BEFORE IT GOES TO SEED!!!!!!!!!" Just imagine it with the little old lady voice, and you've got it.

The new tactic of lying works fine, but damn!  Will I be tortured in karma for lying?!?!

I doubt it.  I'm her cookie attendant.  I guard her cookies.  I serve her cookies.

There's gotta be brownie points in that. 

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  1. Andrea, it's so lovely that Papi drives you around and cooks bbq for you too! Well done on putting it together without injury. ;)

    1. i joke about being a princess, but i really am lol!


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