Thursday, November 22, 2012


Stress will make you sick.

Grieving will make you sick.

Any kind of emotional upheaval will make you sick, really.

Papi's sick.

One of the best ways to increase your immune, is with ginger tea.

Papi hates it, but I force him.

Then he makes faces.

But to truly get the effect, you'll have to see it up close.

See what I'm saying?

Wait!  I'll have to get even closer!

Much to Papi's dismay. 

At this point he was getting a little upset with me, but hey, we haven't had a good Papirazzi shooting for a while, so I couldn't help myself.

And finally, the pic for the finale!

At least it took my mind off the sadness in the household for that moment ...

i allow myself to feel all emotions


  1. Snort!! It's good to laugh, even in the midst of sadness laughter lifts the soul.
    I don't think I'll be trying ginger tea anytime soon :p xxx

    1. ginger tea is really good! well, i seem to think so :) he's just a bit of a picky eater ... yeah ... it was good to laugh.


  2. OMG your are in so much trouble when I get home!! You are a naughty naughty WIFE!!!!!!
    The stuff did make me feel better though.....

    1. it works papi! you gotta listen to me more often!!

  3. Hmm i look more like a dude lately

  4. I love ginger tea! Good for a cold, digestion and immune system. If Papi can't take the ginger tea, no point in recommending oil of oregano which is also good for building up your immune system. He definitely won't like that stuff :-) CB

    1. oh, i've tried the oregano oil on him. ain't gonna happen. no way, no how.

  5. That is exactly how I look when I eat zucchini. Needless to say I've only eaten it one time in my entire life but the memory still haunts me. :)

    1. hahah!! what about zucchini bread? you like it? i'm sorta that way from green peppers. there's no way you could get me to eat that stuff. blech.


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