Wednesday, November 21, 2012

grief hurts us all

They call me Sir Bark-a-Lot.

Really, I only bark to protect my dog they call, 'The Golden'.

Yesterday, they took him out without me, but they never brought him back.

I'm still waiting for him.

They brought his collar home, so he has to come back for them to put it on, right?

I sniffed around his bed today.  Something smells different.  It's not right.

Not to mention, his bowl isn't the same.  It's clean.

I'm feeling really tired.

There's something else that was out of the ordinary; they never take me out for walks alone.  I always have my big one eye.

I don't want to leave Papi's side.  I'm kinda scared.  What if I'm stuck here with 3 cats and no big brother?

One dog.  Alone.

My bitch person says I'm not a dog, but I am!  Really!

I feel the same as my one eyed brother, only he's a gentle giant.

My people keep crying.  I know something must be really hard for them, so I'm just going to be sad along with them, so I feel like I belong.

I don't know why they seem different when they hold me.  It feels like they hold me a little tighter.  I guess I'll endure their obsessive cuddling.

Even the cats are acting different.

The Bastard Prince won't even go on his bitch person to claim her.  He's acting weird.

It's also much quieter here now.  Not just the sound, but the energy.  Quiet.

When I came in from my walk, I expected my brother to be here.

Something is definitely wrong.

It's not right without the one eye.

I'm pretty sure he'll be back for tonight's shift.

He has to show up for work.  He has a job to do.  He makes everyone feel so happy.  He would never leave those ladies alone.

I'm so confused.  I'm never without him.

It smells so different around here.

The call me Sir Bark-a-Lot.

But I only bark to protect my big brother.

I don't feel like barking today.

R.I.P. ol' one eye


  1. Now I sit here crying, remembering my three best friends that I met in Vancouver and moved them to Toronto with me..... they all left 1 year apart of each other and all lived to be 16years old ..... I miss them but their ashes adorn the china cabinet and they still spend eveyday in my life..... I just miss the cuddles.... I have 5 cats, 1 puppy and a monitor lizard that share my life now and they will someday join the 3 in their honored place in the China Cabinet until they all join me in the same resting place..... I really do love animals more than people... they don't judge...
    Love Brett

    1. honestly brett, i love animals more than most people too. some people, i love as much as animals. only a few ... xoxo

  2. i'm so very sorry for your loss. big hugs.

  3. xoxoxoxo - I really hurt for you. Dog people are the greatest people in the world!!!!!

    1. we are twister ... dog people are big hearts.

  4. I feel for you. Losing your golden boy is a terrible grief. When I saw E's post - i thought of you and your other furry ones.

    Your role as 'bitch person' is hard.
    All the fuzzies looking for comfort and reassurance. Comforting E in this - and you needing the same. I hope you find some in all those grand memories you share.

    I remember your wedding day - when Rocky got up on the podium - and didn't do what he was supposed to. Easton & you & someone else calling him - everyone laughing- coz he was all " Wow ! Look who's here! I gotta say Hi!"

    Animals make it easy to love them.

    1. that memory is one of my favourite from our day. it wasn't just our day though. it was their day too. they were part of our day just as much as ours.

      the tears are a little hard to contain.

      my old one eye. the candle burns until your spirit comes to tell us he's ok. i'm so heartbroken ...


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