Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Here's to you, Chaz Bono!

So, yesterday, I was pissed about the she/he comments on a Facebook photo of Chaz Bono.

It had actually started out that people were saying horrible things about his weight.  He has been verbal about asking for help with his weight loss, so somehow, this give people the green light to say hurtful things.

However, it went even further.  On this one post, he has been harassed about his weight, then disrespected with his gender, and now, called disgusting by some cretin.

On all three accounts, I got my nips in a knot.

But really?  Disgusting?

His exact words: "She was disgusting as a women and is disgusting as a man, give us a break."  It hasn't stopped there.  He's still going on about it, yet he's only 1 person.  There are more on others pages in others worlds.

This is how our children learn how to bully.

This is the evil people ape, spreading the virus of hate to another sheep soul who can't think for themselves yet.  This is a disease that gets passed from one to another.

I've never been a fan of Chaz as in, "Ooooh, he's my idol!!!" but I am a fan of his wife.  Understandably, I relate to her in a very deep way.

However, I do see Chaz as a human being who is being exceedingly judged by the public.

For that, I see him as damn brave, and I'm finding great respect for his difficult journey.

He put himself out there as a mainstream trans person, to blaze a trail for more people to have a safer place in this world.

Of course he's going to attract people who will mock him and say horrible things, because he's the first celebrity to make the word 'transgender' more common.

We are slowly seeing the world accept gays, lesbians, bisexuals, ad infinitum 'labels' we could think of being accepted country by country, person by person.

We are also seeing more countries in the headlines, jailing people for loving someone of the same sex.  People are being told it's 'illegal' in some countries to have love for another person.

Even still, something's happening.  The world is finally waking up and we, of our lifetime, get to see it with our own eyes.

It's an amazing time for people to start thinking differently.

I know that I have.  I started out with fears and quite a bit of ignorance.  Papi taught me how to live life of higher esteem.  He has given me the grace to go through all the feelings, until I finally made it to this place of seeing who and what a transgender person deserves.

A transgender person is a human being that is worthy of respect and dignity.

That's all we need to do is treat each other with courtesy.

No matter how big someone is.

No matter what someone's sexuality or gender is.

No matter how mentally ill someone is.

No matter what colour someone is.

No matter what heritage someone comes from.

We are all human beings and we are all sharing this planet.

Nobody is disgusting.  Perhaps, their actions are.  Perhaps their words can be.  

As are my rotting dishes in the sink.

... my g*d ... where's the dish fairy when someone has the flu, bitches?!?! ...

Anyway, I'm having a lot of, "You really piss me off!" moments over these last few days and what I can say is, it's because I'm paying too much attention.

When I think too much, I get angry.

I like my bubble.

I like to think that the world is full of positivity and love.

I hate it when someone bursts my little happy place.

Chaz, I'm proud of you.  For all you are enduring, you are becoming my hero.

i am grateful for my teachers


  1. a very well written, heartfelt and truthful post. I commend Chaz for putting himself in the public eye with his transition, knowing that there would be discriminatory remarks. For me, anyone who puts them selves 'out there', for anything outside of the societal "norm" - is a hero. xo

    1. gotta give him the brave points. he could have stayed inside his 'safe bubble' as a woman and suffered.

      but he stepped outside.


  2. For what it's worth, I thought she was kinda cute as a girl, when he was a girl and I was still a boy, and I didn't know until a few minutes ago that he is no longer a she.

    Growing up when I did, I heard a lot of people call his mother "disgusting" for one reason or another, but mostly for breaking various taboos and living her life and career as she saw fit.

    Good on Chaz for carrying on that family tradition. As for the other thing, so he's a middle-aged dude struggling with weight issues. Been there, doing that.

    1. i'm happy to hear that you didn't know chaz had a sex change! it means you're not a slave to celebrity!

      i've been called 'disgusting'. it's not a word i would use for a human being. i know how much it hurts.

      you're a good person legs. xoxoxo

    2. Truth be told, my teen celebrity crush faded when I heard we had the same taste in women (not that there's anything wrong with that). After that, I kinda lost track, and wondered what Amy Carter was up to...

    3. aw! too bad the crush left. i have man crushes every once in a while. but it's usually about their spirit and mind that i get the crush on.

      once i think about anything further, i shudder lol!


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