Tuesday, November 6, 2012

one pill makes you taller ... coffee is god.

Can't write too much, because my head is pounding too hard from a pain med hangover.

Pills are the devil.

But they don't suck as much as pain I suppose, or I wouldn't suffer through them.

My most recent little batch of bullets make me twitch.

So if you're having a conversation with me and my left eye begins to flutter, I'm not winking at you.

If my limbs involuntarily kick you, I didn't mean to do it.

Papi said, "Oh, you'll have to take another pill to stop the twitching."

No fucking way.  Then I'll need a pill to stop the side effects of those pills.  And so on and so on and so on.

Pills are little demons straight from the belly of hell.  I never believed in hell until I started taking pills.

Now, I CAN believe it exists.  This headache proves it to me.  Hell is wrapped up in a tiny little silicon package filled with powder.  Once released from it's containment, the devil flies right on out and destroys your body.

Oh, but the original pain you felt is gone.

Not only do pills have horrible side effects, but when you try to get them out of your system, they won't leave.  They attach themselves to you like the talons of a raven of death.

They leave you lying in bed, praying your eyes will go into R.E.M.  Then, after way too many days without sleep, scratching, shaking and just doing your best to keep a meal down, you feel you'd have been better off suffering through the original pain to begin with, because your torment now is making you wish you were dead.

And these, are legal.

Cannabis has one negative side effect: a case of the 'duhs'.

But that's illegal where we're going, and they will check our blood to be sure that there is none in our system.

They'd prefer I had morphine in my system and figure all of the above hell is more worthy than some 'happy' people.

This cannabis prohibition is being currently being voted on in the U.S. election right now.  Of course not all the states.  Some of them are still hanging on to keeping it illegal so they can fill their jails and give them something to do.

But the West Coast here, with all the sane people, they get to vote.

It will be fantastic if they finally vote to make it legal, because then our home town here in beautiful B.C. will have more options and less hassle.

Still doesn't fix MY problem.

Well, my problem gets fixed in 74 days.  The Countdown.  We're moving along.  In 74 days, I'll start my weening and detoxification from the addiction to these current pills.

Then a few months after that, I'll be feeling great!

At least while I'm going through the jonesing of the demon pills, I won't have to deal with back pain.

My poor Papi.  He's stressing out about the results of the election today.

We both know, that if that evil republican gets in, our country of Canada will be affected and our current Prime Minister will be doing the happy dance, because he can pretty much cut off anyone in our country that doesn't make him money.

ie:  seniors, people with disabilities, children.

Oh U.S., please do us, and the rest of the world good, and vote for the democrats.  I beg of you.


I was only going to write two lines saying why I can't write.  Yet here I am with another coffee downed, feeling much better and a vent written.

Coffee is god.

i know how to promote my emotional and physical well-being


  1. What What! Obama is Back and better than EVER!

    1. it's a beautiful day ... we're safe up here too :)


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