Friday, November 2, 2012

Naming the baby.


Here are some of the options I've been given thus far:
~ Casa del Boomboom? Villa del BoomBoom?
~ Mi esperanza por les putas. 
~ Villa des puma
These three were donated by a very cheeky, yet pervertedly creative friend of mine.  I'm not sure we'll be using these.  But thank you for your hard work and input.

Oh, before I go any further, you do know about Google Translate, don't you?  Go there to check out translations so that you get the full effect of some of the options.

Next one was from The Yank who knows us oh so well!
~ however you translate "furry family" into spanish (following "casa de" of course)
Then there was a very exuberant friend who had all kinds of options, who I think should go into marketing with the amount of ingenuity in that cranium:  
~ Casa de los peros y gatos...cause let's face it, they've got you outnumbered
~ Casa de la ausencia de dolor
~ La casa feliz
~ Casa de los gringos
Next up was a friend who really understands where we're coming from:
~ Casa ante paz/relajación/ House of peace/relaxation
Then a few from another pal who was very excited about the game:
(editor's note: you won't be able to translate this one.  it's a combo of our names.  cute, eh!)
And one from one of my very first Blogger Friends who decided to make us think for ourselves:
~ You should use a word that means something to you. I like Villa better than Casa. Maybe hope (esperanza)
This one from a family member who wants to make sure we represent our Canadian heritage!
~ Casa de los Canucks!
Here's a Blogger Friend who had me thinking.  Couple this with guns and I'm sure we'd be safe:
~ I suppose the dark humour of "Villa Loco" might be misconstrued ? On the other hand, it probably would discourage unwanted guests ;)
Lastly, a Blogger Friend who has really listened to the journey Papi and I have had:
~ If I had to sum up what I know of your life in one word, it would be "change". Extreme change. Even drastic change. And your casa is the latest instalment in that long line of changes. So,

Villa Cambiar
These are all such great suggestions and have really had me thinking about how we want to present ourselves to the village we'll be a part of.

Good god!

This is harder than naming a baby!  When I was trying to have one, I had names picked out with ease!

Not this time.  I feel like I want all the suggestions written around our wall from one end to the other.

... well, i have to admit, except for the first ones ... sorry sweet pea, but i don't need people jacking off in front of our ocean view ...

We have some time before Papi has our massive wall built around Casa Paraíso, so there's a lot to digest.  Of course, we'll still be accepting ideas to give our villa it's spirit.

And now, I have to prepare for Ladies Night!  Yes!  Ladies Night! 

If it's your first time visiting my blog, I'll just let you know it's not the type of night where I sit at a table with my 'rough around the edges' friends who may or may not be drunk enough to look at men stripping in front of them. 

At my Ladies Night, the only guns being slung will be held by me and pointed at a target of an imaginary predator's 'man zone'.

Gimme the guns baby!

i courageously sell my ideas


  1. Casa del Cambio is the proper Spanish way to say House of Change, and i'm thinking of a name for your villa, something along the lines of non-judgemental, trying to find the proper word in Spanish for it

    1. hooray for a Spanish lesson!! it's good to learn how to properly say it.

      i'm THRILLED that you're thinking about a name of non-judgement. you're awesome!

      there are so many routes to go with this. i'm starting to see that our li'l villa should be something very grounded. xoxo

  2. In my defence, I used Google Translate. But "del Cambio" does have a nicer ring to it; I still like the idea of Villa rather than Casa. So I amend my nomination:

    Villa del Cambio.

    1. lol! thank you for the amendment. you're still in the running to become the DR villa's top name!

      **a little 'top model' reference for those of you who are silly enough :)

  3. You just said it and besides Hector got the ink jump on it - Casa Paraíso! Or Villa.

    1. plus you both keep saying you're moving to paradise

    2. so many ideas. paradise. change. non-judgement. grounding. just so many thoughts. i'm so grateful to have this opp to have input to get the ideas flowing.

  4. Ok I am only building a giant cement wall with barb wire b/c it's safer and I want to be able to walk around naked and not worry about my Wife while I am away! (Ok I'll be honest I'm more scared than her being brought up in a very safe area)
    The toys I will be getting are typical Men things yes. A 9mm, shotgun, dirt bike, quad, big screen TV, Satellite and a lovely pool with a hot tub (and a water fall if it's cheapy cheapy) :-) The guest house is a must as well but that is for our Visitors not for us :-) Oh and a huge ass safe to put the guns in :-) MWahahahahahah I can't wait for the guns...That's really the only thing i'm really looking forward to other than the dirt bike and warmth of course is the GUNS!!!!! :-) I should have been born American for so many reasons!!!!
    Papi <3

    1. papi, you really need your own blog. this was almost an entry upon itself.

      you seem a 'little' excited. no? ;)

  5. I don't have the attention span or writing skills to write a blog!

    1. yes you do papi. some people's blogs are short, sweet and to the point. you could do it.


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