Saturday, March 30, 2013

a deadly combination

It was 'Accomplish Nothing Day' yesterday.

Except for hiding from gunshots echoing throughout the village.

I feel like I've gotten used to the sound of guns going off, but yesterday was a completely different story.

There was a lot of partying going on in the village.

In the whole country for that matter.

On the DR1 Forum, there was a lot of chitting and chatting about the drinking that is going on.  I thought maybe it was just in my village, but it sounds like my folks are not the only people self-medicating.

Things should be quiet until about 1pm today, when everyone goes for a bite of the hair of the dog.

Then the gunshots will probably resume.

Guns and alcohol.

A VERY deadly combination.

Scary enough, that it prompted me to keep mine close by, just in case one soul who's alcohol gave him more courage than usual were to come into my space and threaten me.

I was alone, because Papi was out trying to find propane for our stove and shower.

Old school.

Drive to the station and fill it up.

But of course, nothing was open, because it is Semana Santa.

Hopefully we'll find something open until noon today to make sure we can cook our food tonight.

As I listened to the gunshots, I would look out to see the guard next door standing on the property wall like a banshee.

It was either him shooting, or he was making sure whomever else was shooting knew he had a shotgun.

Not much unlike myself.

I walked around boldly with my gun in hand, holding it how I've been taught so as not to have any possible accidents, but obvious enough that anyone peeking through our gate would see it.

I would call Papi periodically to see if he was ok.

Sometimes, it was to appease my paranoia that he'd joined the country in the drunk fest.

However, he wasn't drinking.  It was just that it took him 3 times as long to get home, because everyone was driving 10 km/hr to make sure they didn't hit the staggering people all along the road.

When he returned, it was time to pay the Housemaid and Dominican Daddy.

They thought he was really there to join the party.

Poor love.  Pulled in every direction in the village, every person showing them how their party was better than the next, and each one of them begging for money.

All he wanted to do was gift our working family with some fiesta rum, and their paycheck.

Unfortunately, if you give a gift, it just means you're a target for non-stop begging.

It really is a drag.

I will be giving a gift of time soon.

That has no financial value to anyone, just 'time' to teach kids music.

Maybe it will be different then?

Maybe that gift won't prompt anyone to beg for more money?

It's honestly draining.

Day in, day out.

The moment someone sees your white skin, all they see you as is money.

It's hard to make friends.

I'd like to just have some friends.

I feel like in just a short, not quite 3 months, a lot of my friends back home have slipped away, just like the old adage: Out of sight, out of mind.

I feel like I have to hold on a little tighter to the ones who actually make an effort.

I'm feeling a little desperate for love.

It's kinda lonely and scary out here.

i keep my heart open to the possibility of new friendship


  1. I'm sorry that you are feeling lonely and sad. Lets make a google chat date, my friend xo

    1. yes please lets :) i would really love that. i'll pm ya.


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