Monday, March 4, 2013

no hiding today

Here's yesterday's YouTube show.  There were some technical difficulties, so some of what I wanted to get on there didn't, but it's here none-the-less:

I cleaned my kitchen.

The counters are no longer sticky.  Most of the dishes are no longer globby and greasy.  My stove is spotless, including the years of stuck on grease that were never cleaned off.

I couldn't handle it anymore.  PMS does that to me.  I can't keep telling the Housemaid to clean it with Borax and she just wipes it down with plain water, regardless.

I can't ignore it, or get used to it like some people have suggested.

When I'm PMSing, I can't live with grime.  It's gotta go.  So, I did her job I've been asking her to do.

Today, we're going to talk to the Housemaid about trust and thievery.

She's going to pull out the aligator tears, in exactly the same way she did to convince us to keep her hired on in the first place.

My 'I'm sad and let down' face will trump her tears.  I promise you.

I am sad that I allowed myself to listen to people and give her a chance.  I am sad that she has ruined the majority of my clothing.

Oh, here's the newest one.  She ruined my bra.  No chloro needed.

Nope.  Ripped the wire right outta that bitch and left it hanging there on the clothes line.

It was my all function bra.  Not the pretty one that I sparingly use.  Not the earthy one that I don't mind the world to see, because it looks like a top.  And not the black one that I can only wear under certain clothing.

My white, all function bra.

It's not like I can just zip down to Change and grab another one.  Maybe I can get one shipped to me and hope for the best?

Today, we're going to talk about trust and honesty, and about how we have no more.

Then we're going to give her husband, the Dominican Daddy, a raise, because he's a really good worker.  Next the locks get changed so that she can stop thinking this is her house to do what she wants, then finally, fire her.

The thought of having our house back has Papi and I in a state of joy.

So much so, that Papi did The Happy Papi Dance yesterday!  The Papirazzi was in full form yesterday, so I got to catch it on film.  This means you will be able to enjoy it as well.

We do like our space alone.  We're two peas in a pod that way.

We don't feel like we've had our space, because we're looking over our shoulder all the time.

Papi's depressed.  He feels it's because his space is invaded as well.

He hides in the bed the whole time she's here, leaving me to deal with her on my own.

I got him back the other day.

Papi was sitting on our little outdoor seat, I was in the hammock, when all the kids arrived, screaming at the gate to be let in.

Sometimes, I equate them to a scary movie where the vampire is at the window tapping, "Let me iiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn."

But anyway, back to the story.

I slithered into the hammock so they couldn't see me and left Papi holding the brunt of it.

I was just lying there giggling as he waved every time they yelled.

At least he didn't give my cover away.

When they see me, they're be relentless.  "Andréa!  Andréa!  Andréa!  Andréa!" they yell, nonstop.  Kids seem to be drawn to me and won't leave me be.

Probably because I have an immature energy and they relate.  It's also because they know I really do genuinely love them, just not when they're not invading my space when I don't want them to.

Anyway, there will be no hiding in my hammock or the bed today.  We have to do a job that neither of us wants to do.  It will be good for us though.  We need to learn how to do it.

Today, we talk dishonesty, set boundaries, then when the time comes, we take back our space, and my clothes.

Did I tell you how clean my kitchen is?!?!?

Today, I'm moving on to the little nooks 'n crannies in the bathrooms that have me cringing every time I go to pee.  There's nothing else to look at but the 'ick' when you're stuck there.


I need to clean.

i deserve to have boundaries, and my boundaries are respected


  1. Can't see the video here but I will watch it when i get home.

    Some folks seem to get by largely on the knowledge that people hate confrontation. Sounds like you might be dealing with one of those!

    But hey! The bathroom is clean now...

    1. didn't get to the bathroom. too busy opening coconuts hahaha

      hope you enjoyed the flick.

      and yeah ... she knows we're not fighters, but she does know that i say things quite bluntly. through google translate hahaha


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