Monday, March 11, 2013

scary ocean!!!

When we say we're living on the ocean, we really mean it.

On a stormy, windy day like today, the waves are actually pounding our property.

Time to buy those massive rocks we were told to get.

And those waves are honestly are so high, they look like they're going to come into the pool.

It's a little scary actually!

I keep looking out expecting there to be a shark in the yard.

I went out for a minute to film for you, and the damn waves were so strong, they got me in the face and pants, and I was standing behind the gate!

If there's a tsunami here, you can be sure we're gone.  But hey, we had a really good time, so don't feel sad if it happens.

We would get to go together, and we get to go looking at paradise.

But seriously, one little tsunami and we're dead.

Anyway, enough of that.  Now I'd like to tell you how bad I feel for my poor baby sister!

She came to the Dominican Republic for a vacation, and it's been horrible weather so far.

To be fair, they came from -15 and it was snowing, so this HAS to be nicer than that.

But still.

When you go to a tropical place, you at least want a tan for chrissakes!!  She says she tanned before she came to make sure she didn't burn.  So now she's afraid she'll go back whiter than when she came!

Well, regardless, we had fun at the Monkey Jungle.  Well, again, except for my baby sister.

Poor thing had a little case of travelling tummy trouble on her trek, so she gave me her ticket for zip lining.  She was afraid she'd be running into the bushes to relieve herself, and there was a group of guys that would probably be a bit less than sympathetic toward her.

I guess Papi didn't have too much fun just filming us and waiting around, either.

Well, today, the family are just going to come and watch the waves.  Perhaps, go into the village and give all the kids candy.

When it rains here, the kids have no school.

Very much like a snow day back home.

Can you believe it?!?!  They don't get rainy days like this too often, but they cancel school because all the kids have to ride in on the 'taxi' motorcycles, and they get too wet.

Lordy.  These li'l critters would be horrified at the conditions they'd be forced to live with in Vancouver.

Anyway, because of the rain, there should be a ton of kids around for them to give candy to.

That will make them happy.

So, today is the sad day to say goodbye to Mr. Majestic.  We almost thought that perhaps we'd just muzzle him and he could be safe here with the other animals.

However, that wouldn't be much of a life, would it?

Not to mention, the cats wouldn't understand that there is a steel barrier between them and they would still be cowering in fear.

It's not fair to them that they can't go outside, and we only get to see them at night when Cujo is outdoors.

Outdoors crying.

Crying man!

He's such an intimidating, ferocious guard dog, but when we put him outside he cries.

It's a bit much I have to say.

But he is an emotional dog, very sensitive and needy, if you can believe it.

... yeah. needy of blood! ...

Anyway, he just needs a one family home, with at MOST a new puppy introduced to HIM.

That would work.

I'm so sad.

I hope the angels listened when I asked for a perfect home for this guy.

i know this situation will work out for the higher good

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