Wednesday, March 6, 2013

the circus is in town

NOW we are in for some work.

If we thought that dealing with repairs nonstop and thieving maids was work, we were sorely mistaken.

We went to pick up the mama from AAAS, but when we arrived, the Canine Quarterback told us that she had many emails of discussion about our rat bastard chihuahua, Sir Bark-A-Lot, and how he may be lunch for the girl.

This is because he's an asshole, and she may not be able to deal with him.

So, we were told about a rottweiler who needs rescuing and the Canine Quarterback made a phone call to go see if we could visit her and say hi.  AKA, bring her home.

While we were waiting for her to make that call, we walked around and looked at more dogs.

We found a big boy barker and he struck us as a fantastic guard dog.

And cute too!

We kinda fell in love.

The call was made, we were hailed to the front of the property, we waded through gads of needy dogs, then off we went to see the rottie stray.

She is in really bad shape.  Obviously abused, definitely used for breeding and a hole in her back from where worms had eaten in.  Not to mention, her Ghost Face tells us she's about 100 years old.

Of course we were taking her home!  The guy who found her was keeping her in a tiny utility room and feeding her Alpo and some kibble that looked like Fruit Loops.

She needs us.

We packed her into our Dominican SUV, then headed back to drop off the Canine Quarterback.  Yet, someway, somehow en route, we both just blurted out that we wanted the other one too.

Now the other one.  Here's where it really gets interesting.

When we brought him home, we found out that he has a really high prey drive, and the prey was our cats and Sir Bark-A-Lot.

Basically, anything that ran.  And his objective is to MAKE them run.  He was pretty scary how he lunged at the cats.

He is really good with the puppies, but only because they know he's trouble and have instantly bottomed to him the moment he came in.

Belly up, head down.

I've spoken to someone regarding help I need for the dog to train him, and I'm just waiting for her infinite wisdom to be returned to me.

I've read enough internet pages to get me started.

Oddly enough, the least amount of information I got was from Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer.  All his clips for training were really for the basics, but I emailed him anyway.

I've learned many things that tell me we are in for some work.  Some non-stop, 24-7 work.

The old rottie cross is still hiding in the corner of the property and won't even eat in front of us.  She's so scared.  I've never been in the presence of a dog so terrified.

Psycho Kitty is looking rough again and the puppies have their noses out of joint, because the focus isn't on them.

The chihuahua has met his alpha match.  I've actually never seen him run and squeal like a piglet before.

Too bad we're too busy to film.  THIS is when we need a film crew following us.

And today, we have the contract and buy out ready for the Housemaid.

Today will be a day to write home about.

Not to mention, I had to put a sweater on!  OH!  The horrors!

i succeed with ease


  1. I'm posting links to must read stuff -


  3. I think this Vet is a Great Trainer with sensible, effective, non agressive methods. Please check her out! She's waaay better than Caesar!

    1. thanks for all the links! you are the super googler!!! i actually know how to do the alpha roll, but failed slightly yesterday.

      it's ok though. he understands i'm queen bitch, so we're all good there. lol!

      i will bookmark these and read them when i get back today! thank you my dear!


    Stop chasing the cats.


  6. The real scoop on poop

  7. Yer welcome. Saving time is a good thing. I think the Alpha Roll u r doing might be a different kind (?). That new one will surprise you with method n instant results!

    Looking forward to reading about n seeing future videos of your soon to be well trained circus! Hoogah!

    1. lordy yes. there will be plenty of footage. mostly of me tied to the hip with a dog hahaha!


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