Sunday, March 17, 2013

money, money, money

Ah, the gringo tax.

So nice.

When people here don't put price tags on things, it is simply so they can look at the colour of your skin and charge accordingly.

Seriously people.

Have you seen the truck we drive?

We are not the 'rich' gringos.

All we want is an affordable car that will return us back home.

We're searching for a car lot that isn't near the tourists now, as they may have price tags on them.

It's the same with anything here, really.

If they give you a really high price, you say, "We're not tourists, we live here," and even if it's in a really bad Spanish accent, most of the time, they'll give you a better price.

Yesterday, we were looking for dressers and end tables for our bed that will be here in 3 more weeks.  They went crazy trying to charge us $1,000 for them.

We just said, "We're going to Ikea."

They actually have one here in the capitol, Santo Domingo, and we'll be there next week to work on our residency.  They'll deliver it as far as Santiago, where we can hire someone to pick it up.

I'm not driving The Moca again until we have a new vehicle.

We got the carpenter started on our bed frame.

We're getting the bed built tall enough that puppies can't get up and pee all over the place.

That is of course, with the exception of The Donkey.  She can pretty much go anywhere she pleases.

Like the roof.

Have I told you about the new roof we need?  Now we need it even more.

The balcony roof has been used for a litter box.  It's that grass roof style.  Perfect for piddling on, no?

The Mrs. figured out that she could just walk on out there and do her business, and not have to dirty her paws in the stink pit that would be shared by her two smelly cohorts, The Bastard Prince and Psycho Kitty.

And now, this means that the puppies are following suit.  And by puppies, I also mean The Donkey can fit through the barrier as well.

As much as she's very tall, she's quite thin, true to her breed.

We keep feeding her more thinking she's starving, but we'll have to get a handle on how much is enough, or we'll go broke feeding this girl.

Imagine a massive donkey/goat/dog on your roof, along with 2 naughty side kicks.

Thinking of it, I can see vet bills rising from broken limbs.

So, not only do we need a new roof, but we need a better barrier so those buggers don't get out there anymore.

I am now considering concrete and tiles, like the house, instead of grass.  As much as the grass looks cute, it has to be replaced more often.

Not to mention, The Mrs. will just pee on the new grass too.

She also has found another nice place to pee.

Our main bathroom shower.

We don't use the upstairs shower while we're living downstairs in the guest area, until we get our bed.

So, I guess The Mrs. decided it was for her.

I have 3 weeks to un-stink that shower.

I've already scrubbed twice.

If you're ever feeling bored, come to our house.

You will be grateful for your boredom and I will explain to you what it is to have 'down time'.

I would love some.

And a little more money for a new roof, rocks so we don't wash away, and a car that will get us from A to B.

i visualize myself having abundant wealth.  that is who i am.


  1. Hey! I was just studying. Came back n found u wrote a new blog. Sweet coz it fits with my Spanish lesson.

    Dominican Spanglish - Cuánto vale esto/a? (then you frown) Seriously dude. !Ay dios!!! Pro tu ta loco?

    Would you like to hear about my day yesterday? It involves the Maritime Museum!

    Today I can't go downtown... yet. There's a St Patrick's Day parade. I have to hit the Shark club coz there's a biker party going on. Raising money for sick kids at Children's Hospital. Massive prizes.

    Maybe I will win a big ticket item. Take the cash. Come visit you guys n Shoot sum Juan in DA face!

    As for Mrs Piddly - Soak the shower floor in vinegar. Let sit a few hours. Rinse n repeat.

    Idea #47 is there a stopper in the shower drain? Can u plug it up n leave an inch of water in the bottom of the shower? I'm assuming kitty won't wade in a puddle to piddle.

  2. Those cats won't know what hit themMarch 18, 2013 at 11:18 AM

    Lol how about a sprinkler on the roof?


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