Saturday, March 2, 2013

the wild, wild west

We have clean water!

It's such a sigh of relief!


You just don't know what you've got sometimes.

In Vancouver, an inconvenience would be your water was off, and you didn't get your morning shower.

Then you'd go on Facebook and scream it to the top of the mountains!!!!

Well, when your water is brown from infestation of sewage filth, it's a little more than an inconvenience.

This was not quite as horrible as the sewage flood we had a few years back, because we are still living in a house that is in one piece, with all our belongings.

However, the thought of sponge bathing with my excess water from my reverse osmosis machine for the rest of my life was definitely more than a thought of great inconvenience.

But no more.

We're flushing our toilet and it's clean water.

We're washing our dishes in clean water.

Today, I'm going to shower.

In clean water.

Then!  We're going to fill the pool back up with clean water.

Clean water!!!!!!

We have some really good professionals working on our house now, thanks to the Pool Man.

Who, incidentally is coming by this morning to look at our pool.  We know we're doing things wrong.  We need a little help.  Just putting things on paper will not work for us.  We need some good tutorial.

We also need more tutorial for our gun.  Like how to clean it.

Not to mention, more bullets for the gun.

Someone got shot a week ago, not even half an hour from here.

That's not the scary part.  Shootings happen a lot here.

The scary part is that it was a home invasion with a masked man.  He also shot the dog, but both are alive and healing.

Earlier on that day, the same guy also robbed someone else and shot their dogs dead.

It's us expats and gringos that are the target.

The uber politically correct back home got all uppity because we need security, but the stats have now shown that it's actually more dangerous for expats to live here than in Mexico.

Of course, Mexico is all over the news, because it's so popular and so many Canadians and Americans go there.

However, the murder rate is worse here.

Now, I'm not saying that we're going to be out there with duelling guns and armed warfare back and forth.

Papi and I certainly are not going to be hiding in bushes with camouflage on, waiting to attack.

But I'll tell you one thing, there will be a shot fired in an attempt to deter the person who may have made it past our wall with broken bottles lining the top.

If it doesn't work, I'll gladly hand over all my goodies and retreat.

I think what the scariest part is, is that it happens so often now, that the people on the DR1 Forum seem to talk about it like it were just an every day occurrence.

People aren't even batting an eye now.

That, to me, is the scary part.

That it's become 'normal'.

I suppose the shooting of a bullet off the balcony once a month to remind people we have a gun is a really good idea.


The wild, wild west.

One thing that I know though, if I die here in paradise, I did it after I reached a goal in life.

A, 'look at that view' and 'I'm feeling so much less physical pain' goal.

Yet, I will be talking to my angels a lot more now that I know they're listening, in hopes that they'll keep us safe.  They listened with Psycho Kitty!!!  He's much better now!

Oh, but I'm still buying more bullets.

i am drawing from my inner strength and inner light

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