Sunday, March 3, 2013

thieves among us


So, I just finished the newest Sunday YouTube show, and it wouldn't export because my poor little laptop was too full of movies.

So, I went to town deleting all the files that I thought I didn't need and dammit, I really screwed up.

I deleted the ones from the recent show!

I suppose while all the files are loading again, I'll take a moment to tell you about Dominican home delivery.

5 heads of butter lettuce and 2 bushels of cilantro, delivered to my door, fresh and organic.

It cost 75 pesos, which is about $1.85 Canadian, but in Canada I would have paid about $8 for all these beautiful, organic greens to be delivered to my door.

Beat that Spud!!!

Now don't get me wrong.  Spud is awesome.  It was especially so, when I couldn't move from the La-Z-Boy after my motorcycle accident.

That was worth the money I'll tell ya.

If I sent Papi to buy me food he'd come back with chips, chocolate bars and pasta.

Anyway, the Housemaid brought some by from a local farmer for me to purchase this week.

This morning, the farmer came by our house with more!

For a femme who loves salad, this is seriously the most beautiful thing in the world.

Oh, speaking of the Housemaid, she stole from us again.

We had the wall painted, and when we asked where the excess paint was, she lied, "Oh, it was all finished."

We knew she was lying, but how do you catch someone in that lie without any proof?

She's a well seasoned thief.

Well, she arrived yesterday with a nice fresh streak of white paint on her cheek.

I was so taken aback that I couldn't even say anything.  I had to think about it for a day.

Now, we'll be having a talk about theft and honesty.

I'll tell her I saw the paint on her cheek and that if I went to her house, I'd find fresh paint on her walls.

That extra paint was going to be used to finish the job, as we hired her husband, the Dominican Daddy, and his cousin, who was our previous security to do the job.

You know the one?  Who would beg for more money, the minute after we paid him fairly for his job he did every night?

Well, we thought, "Hey, they need the money," so we hired them.

We wanted the pros to do it properly the first time, but no, we hired them because we wanted to help them out, but they missed a bunch of spots.

So, we wanted to fix what they didn't do to make it look finished.

But they stole our paint, then lied about it.

I'm so sick of it.

I just want to live without looking over my shoulder and counting everything.  I don't feel safety in my home.

We're back to considering we'll fire them.

Which sucks, because the Dominican Daddy is the best yard worker ever.

I can live without her house 'cleaning', however.

I have to rewash all the dishes she 'cleans' before I use them, even though I've spoken to her about it 3 times now.

So, to you all who judge me for not giving away everything, especially the most outspoken one who owns her own store ...

... tell me ... what do you do when people shoplift?  is everything in your store free? ...

... tell me again how many chances you think I'm supposed to give the thieves.

Because, clearly, 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances really aren't working.

And now, back to recovering footage I go ...

i respectfully communicate


  1. Who owned the house before you? Might need to have a talk with them.

    1. they were ignorant people and really spoke highly of her like she was the be all of life. that's why we were so happy to have her in the beginning.

      no point talking to them. they can't even get it together to send us necessary papers. nope. no point.

  2. Re former owners. Guess they had different standards, didn't know or just didn't get that involved. The septic not being pumped or treated properly kinda says it. But Who knows what their lives are like?

    Here's a parallel for ya. My aunt has different standards than her husband and child. So for years she did all cooking cleaning n laundry. Worked full time n tended her horses, cats and dogs. Her family did nothing.

    Till she got sick of it. Then they had to do for themselves. And she had to tolerate how dishes etc were being done and put up with their learning curve. If it wasnt fir salad n pizza - plus dinners at relatives I think they would have starved Lol

    1. yeah ... the g'ma was even more finicky than me. so is my mom. my level of cleanliness is NOTHING compared to them, yet, mine is higher than the 'maid'.

      i won't even go into the dishes today. you wouldn't believe it. i'm leaving it there until she comes tomorrow.


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