Friday, October 5, 2012

IT'S OURS!!!!!!!

Well, we basically know it's ours!!!!!

All we need to do is iron out the price details.

The house price will come with the car.  They do things a little different here.  I can't imagine a home in Vancouver with a car included.

None-the-less, the realtor told us is it's ours.

We have a Dominican home!!!!

Here's the odd thing about Papi and I.

My love was stressed, panicky and impatient to get the deal done.  I was calm, with that same mellow attitude that drives Papi crazy.

You know?

The calmness that says, "Don't even fret, Papi, because everything always works out, in one way or another."

Yet, all of a sudden, we have our house and blammo!  I'm freaking out.

As we drove away from the realtor, my brain went into hyper mode of, "Oh my god.  We're really doing this."  We're really making our dreams come true, and that's terrifying.  My stomach started turning and all I could think was, "Well now what?"

I'm having fears like, when we finally get here for good, I'll need to work.  What the hell am I going to do?!?!  I still won't be strong enough to do any grunt work, even if I do feel less pain.

Less pain is an understatement.  I haven't taken pain killers since the last plane we took.

I've had that end of the day back exhaustion, but really, all it means is it's time to rest, but no need for any drugs what-so-ever.  That really was the main intention of being here; to live drug free.

It's reality now.

I get to live like I did before the motorcycle accident, with a few changes.  I'm still not able to lift heavy stuff, but at least I can walk and sit for longer.

My most exciting venture here will be to go dancing.  I've been missing dancing for 4 years.  There have been a few times I've tried in Vancouver, but it always ends with me drugged outta my mind.

Clarity, energy and health will be mine once more.

My god, it's so hard to believe!

I do have a little more suffering to do in Vancouver until we actually make our way here, but that light at the end of the tunnel is shining so bright, it's almost blinding.

A lot of people here at the resort won't entertain my joy, especially some of the German folk who are MUCH too serious, but they just don't understand why I'm walking on Cloud 9.

I hope there are no shrinks here.  They'll try to label me bipolar.

It's the thought that I don't have to live with pain killers that keeps my fears at bay.

There aren't enough exclamation points on a computer to express how joyful I am.

Our dream home, with less pain.

It's really coming true.

Oh yeah.

Here's our outdoor BBQ for Papi to cook for me.

We also have a guest house.

For chickens.

i take action


  1. for chickens.....and Leenie ;->

    1. lol! leenie's house :) we'll need a sign to make it official.

  2. so glad for you!!! It looks beautiful and tranquil - a tropical paradise

  3. eventually, we'll just be one of the dominicans!!

    in paradise.

    smiling alongside our neighbours :)

  4. Sooo very exciting! So many people talk about doing things like this, but you are actually making it happen. It really looks amazing. Congrats to both you! Wishing you all the best!

    - Naomi

    1. thank you so much :) we'll be home soon to celebrate with you and the turkey!

      (that is of course if this is nomers lol!)


  5. you may enjoy this blog...once you start moving the furry family.

    1. oh, there may be no time to read because i'll be so busy sharing our nutty animal adventures lol!

      that is a great blog :)

  6. Congrats Andrea! It is beautiful!!! So happy for y'all...

    1. thank you twister! i would hope that you would come and visit.

      by the time you do, i'm sure we'll have a herd of dogs. we've already seen so many that we'd love to rescue.

      who knows! maybe you'll bring one home with you as well hehehe

  7. yaaayyyy !!! .... and chickens ... with a guest house !! awesome :D

    1. gwenneth, it's so amazingly amazing!!!

      i honestly can't even put into words how i'm feeling yet. it's so massively intense!

  8. First off - Hell Yeah congrats!!!!! Secondly You'll dream up some new dreams and get to try new things... which will be awesome. Less pain = total Win!

    Had funny image of the cats' first trip to the new backyard. Their furry minds freaking out over the biggest litter box Ever! Silly me.
    Very happy 4 ya.

    1. i can't wait for the cats to get here and chase salamanders and dragonflies! it's going to be so fun to watch them!

      plus, they won't be cramped in our closet anymore ... yes ... they'll think they died and went to heaven.

      mind you, so do we :)

  9. CONGRATS to you both!!! So very happy for ya's!!!


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