Monday, October 1, 2012


We are officially on our way.  We know this because we just shut off all our data roaming on our cells.

Papi gets so cranky when he's stressed.

I get so clueless.

Not a good combo.

However, now that Papi has his soda fix and I have my store bought coffee, which could never amount to my coffee I make at home, we are doing well.

Papi would like to make sure you know that the reason he's cranky is because he hasn't had his morning coke.

You know?

Papi's soda addiction?

It's better than that other addiction he frequented this year.

Anyway, my love is getting ready to hunker down on airport pancakes and I'm just trying to get my head wrapped around the fact that we're going to paradise.

The woman who checked us in gave us a great discounted rate for our 5 pieces being checked, which included: 2 MASSIVE UGLY bags, 2 overweight bags and my flight case with performing bass.

She doesn't realize how much of a gift she gave us and what it really means so us.

My Boifriend slept through all the cat meows.  They were honestly thinking that just because we got out of bed it was time to eat.

I don't know how anyone could sleep through that din!


And wow.

The nice people who are sending us off blow me away.

Maybe it's just our happiness attracting the beautiful vibes, but something really seems like it's a new start energetically.

There's a dude sitting behind us singing away like nobody is here, because he has his headphones on and is in another dimension.

It's a lot to take in.  I get really disoriented in all of this.

I feel like a little girl just looking around with wide eyes and curiousity.

Not to mention just wanting to talk to anyone who looks friendly because they are in a happy place too.

When I was a little girl, my mother bought me black patent shoes and I was so proud of them, I walked down the aisle on our public bus showing them to everyone, "I got new shoes!  Look at my new shoes!!"

This was a story my mother told me I was like.

I haven't really changed much.

Just learned how to control these emotions that have been within me.

And now dude behind us has broken out into a more percussion grunting melody, "Da, da.  Da.  Da, da, da. Da."

Not to mention the people frantic to get on their flight to elsewhere in the U.S.  Their energy is panicked, "Lemme on!!!  Fuck's sakes, lemme on!!!"

It's very chaotic right now.

I'm like a child.

Distracted at the simplest of shiny things.

Like how the sun shimmers on the ocean.


i have only positive mental pictures


  1. Have a wonderful time hon. Really wonderful. :)

    1. so far it is :) it's lovely :) and i haven't been limping for an entire 24 hours :)

      wonderful xoxoxo

  2. Airports are wonderfully disorienting.

    Doesn't always feel wonderful at the time.

    But it's always disorienting.

    What happens next?

    1. next!

      we wait for the offer to come back as yay or nay.

      we may have found our paradise :)



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