Saturday, October 13, 2012

lucky bitch?

Do we ever stop looking to the other side of the fence, wanting more?

It's a strange phenomenon.  No matter where we get to in life, there's always more we wish for, or maybe it's just me?

Since we've bought our dream home, we constantly hear, "You're so lucky!"  We are, and we're also lucky enough to be very grateful, which is to our benefit of knowing joy.

There's something that people have to understand, though.  If I hadn't have been hit on my motorcycle and had to rewire my brain for walking, memory and function, I wouldn't have had this 'luck' of having a beach front house in paradise.

We'd have a home, but not the beauty we have right now, with the opportunity to rest our bones.  We would have to work more than full time.

Still, there's something that I long for, that I can no longer have.

Months before the accident, I was in the process of finishing my latest HECTOR CD, was an intern studying the process of being a studio engineer/producer and was working my way up the ladder in the music industry.

During this time, I had a conversation with Chad Kroeger about my music.  True to the boys club of the music industry, he was going on about 'what sells', and without even hearing my music was telling me I wasn't good enough.

Indignantly, I declared, "You know what, I KNOW you'd like my music, so I really don't GIVE a fuck."

I stormed away, but felt a tap on the shoulder.  When I turned around, it was Chad with a look on his face seemed to say, 'you'll never work in this town again', but instead he verbalized, "You know what?  That was really fucking cocky.  Now I wanna hear your music."

Just a few months later, I was in the throws of feeling like I was walking on a canoe and having 5 minute memory, never mind having the cognitive know how to turn on my computer, or how to work my recording programs.

Forget about holding my bass guitar!

So, 'luck'?

I still have such execrable distress for everything that has been stolen from me by losing those 4 years to recovering from that motorcycle accident.

Last night's torment was no less loathsome.

I needed to take some of Papi's clonazepam, because the angst I was feeling made me want to shrink into inadvertence.

Once that accident happened, my life changed.  In 4 years of the music industry, you become nobody once more, and you need to start from the very beginning again.  Everything I worked for was erased in those 4 years.

Oh, and the hard work of getting my life back to liveable has worn on my face, leaving me with a few more wrinkles and grey hair.  I'm no spring chicken and I certainly don't have fake tits.

My love had to remind me, that at one point I was short-listed by Courtney Love herself, for Hole, and that I should be proud of what I accomplished prior to that fateful day.

I allowed myself pride, then almost cried that my performing career has been stripped from me in a second's worth of time by a woman who made an error in judgement, when her illegal U-Turn changed my life.

So, when people sometimes get a little bit green with envy, or those who really don't like me wonder, "How the hell does someone like her deserve that?!" I have to remind myself and others, that they're just looking at my life from the wrong angle.

When someone says, "I want your life," I wish I could say, "You really don't know what you're saying."

What if I never got hit and inherited that big record deal?  What if I landed that big gig as the bass goddess of rock?

Would I have this life with mi esposo?  Would I be have been so fortunate to be as happy as I am now?

My life changed, and I can't say for better or for worse, it just changed.  Life will change for all of us, sometimes the way we want, sometimes not.

One thing I can say is, I have learned what it means to go with the flow of it, even when it brings tears of loss.

My life has been quite the ride.

Sometimes, the changes and loss really hurt, but someway, somehow, I have to believe there is still a magical life of music out there for me to continue with.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and currently, mine has an ocean view.

i am successful


  1. The strength of your character makes people forget all that you lost. So many people would bitch every day over what they lost. You inspire because you keep moving on. Okay, it really sucks that you lost all that, but I think you are amazing, not because of the great things you did, but because of what you are doing now. "Deserve" has shit to do with it. People don't get what they deserve, they get what they take. They deserve what they earn, and sometimes they have to start from scratch, and find a whole new life.

    1. you get it jamie :)

      thank you so much for getting it. all i ask is that i'm not misunderstood.

      there's so many reasons why i love you. this is one xoxo

  2. Andréa, you deserve every bit of happiness you can squeeze out of life -- and pain relief, and anxiety relief, and all the rest. If anyone is envious, then they really don't get it. I'm sorry that you have lost so much, but very happy that you have made gains that you probably never thought possible. You have amazing courage! I hope you are always able to look forward and not regret what is gone. You have so much more life to live! xoxo

    1. the good part is, my resentment only comes in waves. it's not my focus, which i'm thankful for.

      but when it does hit, it's deep and powerful.

      then i beat myself up for not having gratitude. gratitude is in abundance in my life. i never want to lose it xoxo

  3. You are who you were ment to be, there is a universe somewhere out there where the other Andrea narrowly escaped a major motorbkie accident, she went on to sign a major recording contract, the recognition and fame over the years changed her she became a demandingg Diva and was never in a relationship for very long as the hours on tour put strain on them she was happy in herself but she never felt fullfilled! maybe?
    I like this universes Andrea she has a great sense of humour, she offers the hand of friendship from accross the world, she fights adverity and pain with dignaty, she tries to see the good in people who are bad, she does not judge, she feels your pain, she has the ability to laugh at herself, she has a heart full of love, yes I like this Andrea xxx

    1. i'm pretty happy to be me. i don't know how my life would have turned out. i can't say that gaining all i worked for would ever have brought me the happiness i have now.

      i have to be honest that i'm not always grateful.

      i'm feeling much better now. the resentment has dimmed once more.

      it's only hard when it hits, then i remember how good my life is now. i just have to let it wash past me ... human emotions cannot be ignored. only felt then allowed to leave.

      they left.

      i'm grateful.

  4. I am happy that you are here! ;)


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