Monday, October 8, 2012

The Hotel Shark

I asked as many people as I could about the sand dune or 'whale' that may have grazed my legs.

Nobody could tell me.

I finally asked for some snorkeling goggles, explaining that I had to know if there was a sand dune out there, when they decided to tell me not to worry, that it was just 'The Hotel Shark' and that he was very friendly.

I guess he was.

He didn't eat me.

Regardless, I sent Papi out to look for him.

I wasn't going in.

Fuck that.

I made my hair all pretty, so I didn't want to wreck it.

Because we all know it's all about my hair.

From my comfortable palapa, I watched him float around, kicking up water in the shallow end.

I kept waving him out further, but he wouldn't look my way.  People around me must have thought there was an annoyance of a mosquito in my space.

Or that I farted.

However, mi esposo didn't go even close to The Hotel Shark.

As he approached me, I disappointingly shook my head at him and said, "You didn't go far enough!!!"

He only smiled meekly, looked at me sideways with a crooked lip, announcing, "I was too scared."

OK.  I understand.  Sorta, but he was supposed to be my hero!!

Then I saw someone swim all the way out to the buoys and watched to see if he hit a sand dune or The Hotel Shark and came crying, "Wee-Wee-Wee, All the way home."


He casually swam back.

Well, I was going to go snorkeling myself today to go look for The Hotel Shark, but my hair looks too good.

I'll try tomorrow I suppose.

For now, I'll tell you about the most beautiful part of the Caribbean.  The tropical storms!!

They're awesome!

They're not like the piddly little shots of lightening we get in Vancouver.

They're MASSIVE sheets of light that fill the sky so bright, it's like the sun has come out to illuminate the land.

They are like fireworks, granted to us by mother nature.

As I walked to dinner's buffet spread, I took my time and reveled in the sky's artistry.

These amazing auroras are a delight to experience with the lights off, and silence to hear the foreshadowing blasts of thunder.

The light stretches from all corners of the sky.  Sometimes, it's hard to tell where the original sparks come from, because of the enormity of them.

Papi doesn't like them very much, but I've always appreciated them.

Even when they pour their joy down in droplets of water I'm enamoured and it seems I could start tap dancing to, 'Singin' In The Rain'.

There is nothing like the Caribbean.

That includes The Hotel Shark.

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  1. Remember, not all sharks are mean! The aquarium I am at right now has some in a petting tank for people to touch, and I see divers in the tanks with other sharks all the time. One tank has 5 or 6 species of shark in it, but I asked a diver about safety issues and they said the sharks were never an issue. However, the Goliath groupers could be nasty. Sharks are a diverse group of animals, and while some pose a danger to people, many do not. :)

    1. if i could see what kind of shark it may have been, i would have been content.

      i'm going to go snorkeling today to see what was out there. even if my hair still looks good ;)

      but yes, i do know that some are friendly, especially The Hotel Shark lol!

  2. I loved the storms there to they seem so big compared ours in England, and I love those to, I used to sit with my legs hanging out of the bedroom window and watch them as a kid, while my sister cried and screamed at me to shut the window I was so mean hehehe! Enjoy the snorkeling x

    1. i have no doubt you'd enjoy it as well kiki! we are kindred spirits.

      nature's weather is beautiful! xoxo

  3. you forgot to put that i couldn't see anything b/c the water was too murky! I ain't going out there with a shark and murky water!! I don't care how friendly it is!!!

    1. lol! i'm going to head out after i write today's words papi. i'll tell you what i find when you finally get your ass outta bed.



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