Thursday, October 11, 2012


As a non-drinker, I sometimes wonder what those yummy fruity little drinks taste like that the all inclusive drunks are frantically gulping down poolside.

I'm not so jealous about of after effect.

In example, the foul creep who thought that horking up loogies on the concrete in front of us was kosher.

It's not.  Take it to the can, man!  Or at least the fucking bushes!  No matter how much we gave him the stink eye, he kept going.

It was hard to tell if he is always so disgusting, or if it was the alcohol bringing out the worst in him.

Regardless, he was revolting and I vowed to never walk barefoot in that area again.

All the bartenders and servers are confused with me, as I only drink water.  It's too hard to explain about my food plan and that sugar is the devil when it's in my blood.

How would I explain Hurricane Andréa to them in Spanish?  So, I just say I like it, and it's good, even if it's not.

I seriously can't wait to get back to my ionized water, so clean and tasty.  I'm not a fan of bottled water for many, many reasons, but I really, I have no choice in the matter.

I don't need another round of Montezuma's Revenge, which I'm sure came from the ice that was in one of the bevies I caved in and drank, then spent the day in agony.

Anyway, the day before I had an experience that a clean 'n sober person really doesn't want to have.

This hasn't happened to me since the first year of my sobriety, as I'm usually more careful than this.

You see, Papi always has fruity drinks and pop galore surrounding him.  He tends to look like the rest of the yahoos drinking it up, coming back to their chairs, double fisting their bevvies, only his are booze free.

Beside him sat 2 fruity drinks and one cola, and for some reason, I thought, I really, really, really, really want a sip of that sugary sweet stuff.  I really really, really, really, really do.

I'm sooooo thirsty!!!!!

So, I decided to take a sip of Papi's drink that was beside him.  I announced, "I'm going to take a drink of this bad boy."

Papi tried to wave saying, "No!"

I just figured it was because it had been sitting there all day and was skanky, and he didn't want me to drink stale liquid.  That his pretty li'l femme deserves a better tasting specimen than that. 

However, the moment that crap got into my mouth, I knew it wasn't right.

Then it hit me.  The reason my love was trying to wave it away from me was because it wasn't his.

It tasted like it had decayed fruit that may have been sitting in the sun for a week before it went in my mouth.

It was the people's that were there before us, and it was filled with alcohol.  Now, not only do I have someone else's cooties, but I had a gulp of booze.

A lot of normie drinking people may think, "Hey it's a drinking freebie!"

Nope.  Not having drank for 13.5 years, alcohol tastes awful.  It truly does taste like it's spoiled.

Kinda like the chunky Egg Nog I drank straight from the carton when I was a kid.  I never drank Egg Nog again.

As for the dastardly drink I sipped the other day, I can't even tell you how rancid it tasted.

I could smell it coming from my throat through my nose.

I tried to drink some pop to help wash away the aroma, but it didn't help.  I suffered with that rank stench for a good 30 minutes.

How the hell did I find that pleasing all those years I abused it?!?!

Oh yeah.  It's not about the flavour.  It was the effect of the alcohol I was after.  I wanted to be as blasted as possible when I was abusing booze.

Now?  I don't ever want that reek in my sinus cavity again. 

I'm sticking to bottled water.

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  1. If alcohol had no side effects, I doubt anyone would really drink it. I mean, there would be a few people that would still like it just for the taste, but there are also people who eat hakarl and think it tastes great.

    1. i doubt it too bio. it's really quite revolting. if i ever drink again, you'll know there's trouble. because it's not that i missed the taste.

      it's that i don't want to be happy anymore.

      and that's trouble.

  2. Why do I feel like barfing up my Singapore Mei Fun now??? :D

    1. trust me. i was NOT well with the stench in my airwaves lol!


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