Saturday, January 15, 2011

A 3 Day Vacation.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  That's what they say.  I don't know about fonder.  I'd say it makes the heart obsessed.

I'm visiting my sister in Alberta, our neighbouring province.  I look outside and expect to see igloos lining the streets, or possibly even Santa Claus and the gang.  There's a lot of snow and I'm not used to that in our rainy city of Vancouver.

My love stayed home and now has to tend to 6 animals.  Alone.  It makes me giggle a little, but also makes me consumed with visualizing about Papi's solo time.

Right now in my frantic sibling's household, they're panicking about the goggles that their puppy has just annihilated, and he is now skulking away from the "bad puppy" words from the alpha of the mob.

Papi will be wading through the 6 animals who all want their food at the same time.  The meows and barks, 11 eyes wanting to be the first to establish their place in the pack.

You read correct.  11 eyes.  Our Golden Retriever is a one eyed dog.

While I'm watching the chaos of kids and animals and a scatter-brained sister, all I think about is Papi.  There's no thinking about 'it' while my heart is missing mi esposo.

There are no fears, pain, tears.  There is only the sweet tooth craving her sugar.

I believe the heart grows fonder as time brings your relationship to maturity.  That is of course, if you work for it.  And grinding the brimstone we are.

However, right now, there are no muscles flexing.  I'm just existing thinking about my love.  I'm on holiday from the affliction.  I'm watching another family and their undertakings right now.

Even the dog.  The puppy is watching intently for the morsels that may fall to the ground that are designated to the four legged child.

Here I sit.

Loving my love.

It's a much different dynamic than at home.

It's a welcomed respite from my thinking too much.

Just love.

And a very bad puppy.  Oh dear, he's digging in the back yard.  And the chaos ensues ...

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