Saturday, January 29, 2011

hijacked again!

I had a dream I betrayed Papi by sleeping with Keith Urban.  What the fuck is that about?


Then while I was feeling regret in my dream, wondering how the hell I was going to tell my love that I slept with a bio male, but can't get down 'n jiggy with my transitioning F-M soul mate, I was woken.

I awoke to two gorgeous smokey blue eyes staring at me.  Startling at first, followed by my heart being filled by a vision of beauty.

Then the words, "It's time to get up!  We're going to Bellingham."

Road trip.

Hijacked again.

I only have enough time to say that I'm so fucking grateful that those delightful eyes will not be something that will be changing after the male transformation.

I get to keep those beautiful eyes.

I love Papi.

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