Monday, July 23, 2012

a restraining order will be the LEAST of your worries

Everyone should just understand I'm always right, then there wouldn't be any problems.

Our dearest ol' G'ma has a 'friend'.  This 'friend' has been a part of G'ma and G'pa's lives when G'pa was still around.  This 'friend' propositioned her for sex when she was 95 years old after the G'pa passed away.

When she told us he did that, we kept a close watch on him.

... i watched a little more aggressively ...

He actually wanted to bring her away for a weekend outside of the city.  Well, not only do we know about the proposition, but he also carries a flask with him and drinks and drives.

Papi was diplomatic in saying, "No."

I would have other words for the creep.

Since she was put in the home, he was instructed that he is not to be taking her out of the building.

Like any typical asshole, he didn't listen.  No, he completely disrespected our words.

He strolled right in to the home, and took her to lunch.

Sounds harmless?  It's not.

She was drunk when we visited her.  That's not the worst part.  She had her clothes half on.  She would never allow herself to look like that.  She's a perfectionist.

Of course, having my experience with predators, I jumped to worst case scenario when she was so drunk she seemed as though she'd been drugged, then put that together with her disheveled clothing.

I'm sure you know where I'm going with this, and if you don't, you live in a much better place in your mind than I. 

... lucky you! keep it up! enjoy your bliss! ...

However, we've gone down and banned the guy from the home.  If he actually gets in there again, there will be a restraining order.

Our little family, who are trying our very best to make sure our almost 97 year old G'ma is safe, are livid and terrified.

I'm so grateful that the woman in charge could understand the severity of the situation and was stern with The Uncle enough that he listened.

Because we don't usually listen to family, do we?

She is an unbiased individual who's responsibility is to be sure she's safe, as well as keep safe any other potential victims.  She managed to get the job done.

I am sickened.  I am disgusted.  I've never liked the guy from the get-go.

I told Papi, from the moment I met this guy, my spidey senses have informed me that he's a creep that shouldn't be trusted.

Predators can smell a victim, this is why they go after said victim.

What people don't understand, is that I can smell a predator.

I feel as though I'm a dog.  The moment I sense the dangerous person, the hair on my back stands up.

Occasionally, I feel the need to let out a growl along with a snarl of my fangs.

People just call me paranoid.

My instincts are not paranoia.

I'm no longer a victim.  I can smell YOU mother fucker.

I don't recommend playing games asshole.  You have nooooo idea who is on her side now.

Momma bear is angry and she has you in her fucking radar.

If a restraining order gets put into place, then you won't have to deal with me.

Trust me.  You'll wish for your fucking restraining order.

i trust my instincts


  1. Oh my goodness... I am so sorry G-ma and you all had to go through that. I am glad the home cooperated though.

    I completely understand about being able to smell a predator. You're probably a great judge of character, even on first meeting people. I wouldn't doubt it if you were reading people's auras without realizing it.

    1. i see something jez. and nobody believes me until it's proven. and it's always proven.

      i've had some ability like this since i was a kid. it's here and people just have to start trusting me when i put my foot down.

      'people'= papi lol!

  2. I'm with you on this Andrea! I also have a radar about people and I rely on it 100%. Hopefully this sick bastard won't be able to come anywhere near G'ma!!!!

    1. somehow, i knew you'd understand. i actually thought of you when i was writing this.


      no shit.

      we truly ARE kindred spirits my dear


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