Thursday, July 26, 2012

needles in my ass ... again.

I'm usually alone when I'm writing my blog.

Today I have company.

The humming Uncle.

Normally, he's the new recipient of Dungeon Syndrome, but today he's upstairs taking advantage of the bright space to do his work in.

Problem is, this house is so old, there's only a few plugs to choose from, so we're sharing this here table.

Well, he talks while I'm trying to think, and when he's not talking, he's humming, or muttering to himself about what he's going to do next.

Not good for my brain first thing in the morning.

My brain hasn't fully woken up until I've had my coffee and my blog is written.

So, here I sit, trying to figure out what the fuck I was going to write about, but I keep getting distracted.

Oh, the fucking joys of brain injury.

And company.

This weekend, Papi and I get to have our first weekend alone in 3 weeks.

We had a small attempt at 'alone time' when The Uncle was away for 24 hours, but there was so much to do, and there was so much gramma drama, that we didn't really get to appreciate it.

Anyway, what I wanted to write about has finally come to mind, now that I'm halfway through my coffee.

Needles in my ass.

Did you know that Botox became a household name because of migraines?

Let me explain.

They first used it for migraines, and when they noticed that people's wrinkles went away, they marketed it for cosmetic surgery.

Well, this is what was shot into my ass yesterday.

The first one was really painful, but the second and third seemed like they were just an annoyance.

However, for the rest of the day, it seriously felt like someone had taken a tenderizer to my ass.

That, or a baseball bat.

Today, after my usual sitting to do my blog, I had to do the coffee tinkle.

You know the one?

That black gold makes you run to the washroom.

Well, upon standing from this here table, I anticipated the usual horrible pain I get, but it didn't happen!

I braced myself to stand and cringe, only I didn't!

Then I walked and it feel great!

I've been told that sometimes, this feeling only lasts a few days, but what the hell!  A few days without pain killers would make me so fucking happy.

I don't enjoy the feeling of stupidity and sloth, so perhaps, today is a non-pain killer day?!?!?!

Oh for fuck's sakes.

Just as I wrote that, I felt the pain begin to shoot down my leg, and up my back again.


It was a good moment.

Don't mind me while I go mope.

 i deserve to be in perfect health


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    1. i think i'm a little let down. i tried really hard to not get my hopes up, but i suppose i did :(

      hopes, sometimes, are hard to have.


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