Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's allllllll about Papi.

Oh, the stomach of doom.

Guess I just got some strange summer virus and it's making it's way through my body part by part.

At least it's leaving ... albeit violently.

Oh!  I forgot!  I wasn't going to talk about me today.

Have I ever told you that Papi doesn't read my blog unless it's about him?

I'm pretty sure I have.

He says he scans down to see if he's mentioned, and if he isn't, then he doesn't read.

He says it's boring, unless it's about him.

So, this blog is all about him.

Like, the other day, when he threw away a ton of my HECTOR CDs.

He thought they were free to go, ...

... he's not an artist ... he has nooooo idea what blasphemy he produced ...

...  when really, they were all the ones that I was giving away free.

Well, that deal is now over.

It was until quantities last, and quantities are gone now.

I was so angry, I actually made him cry.  I've never done that to him before.  I was truly shocked at myself and my anger.

I got over it and I forgave him the moment I saw that tear well up in his eye.

But wait!  This is alllllll about Papi!  I keep forgetting that!

Back on track.

My love is a hard worker and has actually worked so hard that he's sleeping.

That may not sound like a feat to any of you out there, but mi esposo doesn't sleep very well, because he's a graveyard shift guy.

Well, last night, he went to bed before me, and this morning I got up before him!

He's still sleeping!!!

Let's see, what else should I tell you about Papi?

Well, he likes to correct me on every blog I write.

Every single blog that he reads, that is about him, he has something to correct, because apparently, I get details wrong.

... that wouldn't have anything to do with the brain injury would it?! ...

I've told him before that he should get his own blog about how my blog is wrong.

I told him I would link mine to it.

Alas, Papi doesn't want to, so you'll never know when I'm wrong.

All those times that seem like an exaggeration will just have to be taken at face value.

However, I must let you know, I'm not exaggerating about my love's antics.

He's truly the person you read about.

Let's see, what else could I tell you about Papi to keep his interest in this blog.

Hmmm ... oh yeah!

He puked out the window the other day.

That was while I 'ran' into the store to get him something for his upset tummy.

I came out to him hanging his head out the window and some nasty sounds.

Not to mention, nasty looks from people across the street in the restaurant, who were trying to enjoy their meal.

My love wins heart everywhere he goes.

How's that Papi?

You like?

i love papi


  1. Take a breath Andrea before your head POPS,I must say that was a very impressive hissy fit, now forgive him for being a dick which men tend to be now and then (yey Papi) and carry on loving, don't let the stress of moving and the change thats coming scare you two into

    1. we NEVER argue and we've had moments of spats here and there.

      definitely the stress. we're doing pretty good. we both just need to remember that neither of us deserves to be the receiver of the stress.

      ya know?

  2. I think a blog by Papi is a great idea! I would sign up! ;)

    1. i know, right?!??!?!

      sooooo many people would read.

      he could call it: andréa's wrong. lol! then it would be all about ME!



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