Wednesday, July 25, 2012

red flag

If you weren't pissed off enough from the G'ma predator post, this will make your blood boil for sure.

Upon speaking to one of her friends, we found out that he had done the same thing to her.

He intimidated this other lady by forcing her to sit with him at functions they both attend, he constantly came on to her, and when she refused his proposal of sex, he got angry at her, because she wouldn't let him come up to her apartment.

Red flag much?

That was enough for me to get the police involved.  They said that given her age and the fact that she has Alzheimer's, that they'd definitely set up a file for her.

Normally, the victim would have to be the one to report, but in this case, we could do the deed in her place.

We've set up the file and the other ol' fart is going to use the file case to make her complaint as well.

They now know where he lives, what he drives ...

... while he's drunk ...

... and what he's up to.

Turns out, they already have him on the radar.  They didn't specify as to what it was for, so we're assuming that it's for D.U.I.s.

I asked if he had a record of being a sexual predator, but he doesn't have a record for that.


If he makes one more move, he WILL have a record as an offender.

We have no proof that he's done anything to our G'ma, but at least he's banned from the home and is on the radar of the police.

We're allllll watching you asshole.

I dare ya.  Make a step and test me.

After all the gramma drama of the police, and G'ma not really understanding why they were there, Papi and I had a much better evening.

We relaxed.  Everything is done, and now we just wait for the house to sell.

That was when I felt I could take a phone call from My Boifriend.

Sometimes, I just can't have a conversation, because I can't focus on anything other than the stress I'm freaked out by, but last night I did.

I'm so excited!  My Boifriend knows how to start the process of finding my big brother!

I feel the need to find him before we take off.  We have a bit of time.  The house has to sell and I have to finish up with my legal stuff in December.

So, we have a few months to find him!

I can't wait!

I really feel like this could happen.  The power of energy is important to remember.

Getting the energy out there that I'm looking for him may allow that beautiful positive energy to help me find him.

I believe I can.

I wonder if he's looking for us as well?  I wonder if he looks like me?  I wonder if he got the same Honky 'Fro that I got from our father?  I wonder if he has the same horrible crooked teeth? 

Oh, I guess I can't say that about myself anymore.  They're lookin' pretty straight and pretty now!

My Brace Face has really come a long way.

Anyway, as I sit here and write, I watch all the people walking past me and wonder, brother, where art thou?

It could be that man I just saw walk past. 

It really could be anyone.

i am stress free


  1. Aww poor G-ma I hope the creepy guy stays away!

    How exciting finally looking for your brother I wish you all the best in finding him:)
    And now if you will excuse me I appear to be covered in baby spiders there must be about 100 of them on me must have a nest nearby, off outside to do a shake get the little buggers off me :)

    1. i hope the creepy guy stays away too. i don't need anymore stress than i already have.


      the spiders.

      you just about made me upchuck!!!

    2. But they were so cute, so tiny you would have loved them tiny little monsters lol :)

    3. oh i wouldn't have loved them! i promise!!! even the baby ones make me cringe!!!

  2. I remember that feeling. I found out I had a brother when I tried tracking down my father years ago. we dont talk much, he's a phobe, but hes out there. I wish you luck in finding him, and actually liking him ;)

    -mr wolf

    1. i hope i actually like him too!

      i shouldn't get my hopes up. he might be an ass lol!

  3. Oh baby we aren't done. The photo lady comes tomorrow so the house must be PERFECT.

    1. i hope it's perfect enough for you papi :)

  4. That would be a wonderful thing to find your brother. I am sending positive energy your way.

    In the meantime - send the perv to me and I will
    kick his ass. I am in need of some stress relief.

    1. come on up to vancouver and i'll personally give you his address :)

  5. I am sending positive vibes in the search for your brother. and for creeper guy, he'll get what's coming to him, the Universe will make sure of that. xo

    1. thanx for the vibes sweety! i'm really hoping that i get to before i go!! but then, i guess in this world of e-com, i'm sure i could still find him online :)

      the creep ... god he's lucky i'm tired today ... i don't have the energy to be angry ...


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