Saturday, July 21, 2012

don't blame the guns. please.

This whole bullshit about 'guns' being the problem in this world is ridiculous and it fucking pisses me off.


It's horrible that people were killed in Colorado.


It's horrible that gang violence kills the innocent.

Fortunately, in the case of gangs, they also kill each other off, which is a positive.

But 'guns' being banned is not the solution.

Do you really think for a fucking second that violent people who blow others' heads off will obey a fucking LAW that says they can't carry them?

No, only law abiders will follow that rule.

It's not the fucking guns.

It's the fact that the world is going insane.

Look at the Dominican Republic.


They don't need guns.  A dude was decapitated by a machete shortly before our trip there, because he and another guy were fighting over a girl.

That guy didn't die from a gun, he died from a sick human being.

Well, I wouldn't actually call him 'human'.

Here in planet earth, our inhabitants are going crazy.

It's hard not to with the pain and suffering life hands us.

I honestly believe that every person on this tiny planet is suffering in some way, shape, or form.

We all have troubles, but the problem is, there's not enough help for people in crisis, and not enough people to recognize those who may go off.

We've got kids in homes being harmed by the hand of their own parents in the most horrifying ways you could ever imagine, creating the cycle of abuse.

Those assholes don't need guns to fuck people up.

How about we put down those bastards like the rabid dogs they are?

How about the people being killed by cars every day?

Not a hope in hell that our countries are going to ban cars.  Those are lethal weapons that people take for granted while they speed down our streets after the driver has had a few to drink.

Or for that matter, make an illegal U-Turn without looking and hitting this femme on her motorcycle.

Don't get me started on the brainwashing of religious zealots and their self righteous attitude about how they think it's OK to kill.

We're all losing it, and we feel have no control in this life.

People actually believe the right religion or politician will fix things.

Really mother fuckers?!?

The anger I feel for our current Prime Minister, and how one by one, he's taking away all options for help with mental health in our country, sickens me.

Of course, not enough to go nuts and go into a movie theatre to shoot people, but I understand the emotion of not feeling like there's anything I can do about watching our future world go down in flames.

There are too many tragedies right now in this world to start pinpointing 'guns' as the problem.

Guns don't go off by themselves.

Let's help our peoples' mental health.

That will stop the guns from going off.

In the meantime, don't mind me while I run away from the terror of this world and hang out with chickens, goats and donkeys.

i appreciate positive people


  1. You are so right! My oldest son has been diagnosed with depression. There is a year long wait before he can see a psychiatist. They did ask me if he was suicidal though....i guess that would have bumped him up a week or two. Asshole government indeed.

    1. Fuck the govt, take him to a free councillor in your state now don't wait. There are community assistance available.

      - Daz

    2. i'm sorry to hear this sandra! i thought i replied to your post earlier, but i guess it didn't show ...

      i just wanted you to know that if you ever need to talk to someone, hit me up with a private email. i put my family through hell with my depression.

      there's lots of support out there for YOU as well xoxo

  2. As soon as I heard about the Colorado shooting, I made a vo to keep the television off for a couple days.

    I didn't want to see the finger-pointing, especially before anything was really known. Inevitably, the kid was BOUND to be white, black, Hispanic, Muslim, Christian, atheist, Republican, Democrat, anarchist, libertarian - SOMETHING that everyone was going to leap on and point to like "See? All Protestant Democrats are insane" (or whatever the case might be).

    Some people are too broken to be allowed out with everybody else. They're going to find a way to hurt others regardless of the tools at their disposal...

    1. Too right.

      - Daz

    2. katy, i was like that after 9-11. it's hard to see sometimes. it affects us so deeply.

      people can think that mental illness is someone else's problem are wrong.

      it belongs to us ALL. we are all affected by it. we need to take care of people who are sick, BEFORE they do something disasterous.

  3. Andrea - You are 1,000% right on!!!! This is a subject that I feel very passionate about so I am going to stop right here lest I never stop. You have spoken for both of us as well as a million others! Thanx!

    1. twister, i love that we are kindred spirits. i needed to get these words out. i'm sick of people saying we need to ban guns.

      we need to take care of our sick people. there are so many sick people on this planet.

      love ya doll xo

  4. The problem in the US is that it was far too easy for the shooter to get his weapons -- legally. It's not like someone couldn't do the same thing in Canada, but it would be a lot more difficult. And frankly I like it that way. I'm from the US. I chose to move to Canada. Best move I ever made (despite the current federal government, which is definitely a Huge Problem).

    1. véronique, i completely know where you're coming from and i understand.

      i guess my whole point is, sick people don't seek out guns, and there'd be less sick people if the government would look at mental illness instead of focusing on guns.

      none-the-less, i am thrilled you're here in canada and out of a country that is less than civil at times. xoxo

    2. Ah, OK. I focused on the guns. As for the shooter, I'm pretty sure no one knows what his mental state is. As you know (and made a point of), very few people with mental illness harm others, and people who harm others often do so out out anger and hate, not because of mental health issues. I totally agree that there needs to be better care for those who need it.

    3. yeah ... not everyone is violent. i'm a loon, but i'm not violent. if i was, the easiest thing to do would be get a gun, not counseling.

      ya know?

      we gotta help people get better and in turn, keep the rest of us safe.

      and the state of the person who shot all those people ... he has to have something wrong upstairs if he did that. you have to be mentally unwell to do such a thing.


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