Monday, July 9, 2012

what IS that?!?!

So, I went to a bridal shower.  You know, stagette?

The groom to be was out eating steak while got his bride hammered.

Thing is, I don't drink, so I had to give all my drinks to the bride!

Only fair, no?

We played a drinking game where we had to answer a card with all the disgraceful things we've done in the past.

Of course, I'd done 19 out of the 20 things, so the dear bride was getting in a lot of drinks for me.

Funniest part was, the reason I had done all those things was because I was always drunk.


We also got these awesome little goodie bags filled with candy.

I can't eat the candy, but I got some interesting gifts in the bag.

I got a pirate puzzle!

Too funny, eh?

But there's another one.


What the hell is this?

Look, it has a spot for some dudette to ride in front.

Then there's this little 'spine' thing that moves when you rub underneath.

Here's how far the 'spine' thing moves:

Kinda pointless, no?

Then from the rear, it sorta looks like a truck.

So, seriously, what the fuck is this thing?

It's beyond words.

No clue.

If you can tell me exactly what it is, I'll mail it to ya.


I also got a camel.

Look at the gems you get from a stagette!

life brings many surprises


  1. Andrea, all I want to say besides the fact that I'm jealous that you got a yellow camel and I don't, is that I've so missed reading your blog!

    1. so glad you're here now kim :) you make me happy

    2. You make me happy too! Glad to be back!

  2. Your blog came up tonight while I was out at dinner with my husband. I was telling him how I stumbled across it some time ago and how much I enjoy reading it. I'm sure he didn't understand what I would find interesting in yours and Papi's relationship, but I know he could relate to your escape to the DR. We often talk about escaping Vancouver. While it won't be as soon as you, it is something to look forward to. I long for a simpler, quieter way of life where the locals are more friendly. While I have lived in Vancouver all of my life, this city can bring you down at times.

    1. anonymous!! who are you?!?!

      yes, the blog has kinda switched to the silly canadians moving to the DR lol!

      it's a drama in itself.

  3. It's a werecamal,Alien pope mobile, a lump of plastic made to confuse adults :)

  4. When you figure out what that thing is, I've got to know.

    The curiosity is simply killing me now.


    1. lmao! it's ridiculous isn't it?!?!? i need to know as well. lol!

  5. I sent you an email through facebook so you know who I am. I quit my job in 2009 to go travelling for a year. I wasn't sure if I was coming back, but I did. My dad ended up passing in early 2010. The last 3 years have been a bit tough. I've experienced some nasty jealous behaviour from female friends and even an older sibling. I've cut out a couple people from my life as I do not need the undeserved venom that has come my way. I've kind of told myself that I will remain here as long as my Mom is still alive. She turned 87 on July 9th. One thing I have learned about human nature in the last few years is that people do not like to hear about good things happening for other people. If they are not happy in their own lives and they perceive that yours is better then theirs they can project their unhappiness onto you in the nasty hurtful things they say. While I am not part of the same community that you belong to, I can identify with some of what you have both experienced if that makes sense. Interestingly enough it it always the women that are nasty, never the men. Why is that? My husband totally understands now why I have had to cut these couples out of our lives. One of my good friends that is a counsellor told me that I would lose friends over my decision to quit my job and travel for a year because people would be jealous. She was right. That was exactly what happened. I get so disallusioned with people at times.

    1. yes, females can be much more ruthless than men.

      i completely agree.


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