Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Final Countdown.

Papi's 2nd surgery is coming up in 3 weeks.

The countdown commences.

All I care about is not allowing my back to spaz out before that day.

It can freak out all it wants until the 27th, but after that, it has to behave for at least 2 weeks.

My love won't be able to even sit up on his own.

I had a laparoscopy that hurt enough, never mind a hysterectomy.

I will behave and not clean the tub any later than a week before Dr. Scissorhands is set to do the deed.

I feel ok about this one, maybe because I know that my love has had pre-cancerous cells in the past.

Maybe it's also because I won't notice the difference.

Ok, that's not completely true.

Apparently my love doesn't need to take as much of the hormones once that uterus is snagged away.

Taking out this organ will cause less estrogen in the body.

I suppose that's why we see old ladies with beards.

Anyway, as the surgery nears closer, it seems to also be taking up more of my thoughts.

This blob/blab is going to be short today.

I get to see one of my dearest friends for lunch.

And a beautiful day it will be, regardless of the overcast skies that threaten us with autumn showers.

I hope your day brings you joy as well.


  1. Gosh that seems very soon after the last one, but then I guess from Papi's perspective it's good to get it all done as soon as.
    And not having to take so many hormones can only be a good thing, I'm sure you will feel better about it but also because everything has potential for bad side effects.
    As someone who appears to be getting more menopausal all the time now I'm kinda jealous too. Papi will be spared this horrible phase, hot flushes are vile.

  2. it will be good. it will be better than the last. it will heal faster and it will hurt less. for BOTH of you!
    sending so many loves and kisses and such things.

  3. @dirty, i like the fact that papi has to go through it before i hit that hot flash point. i feel for you my friend!

    @oc, thank you, as always, for your insight xo

  4. Andrea, email me if you want to about the surgery. I have heaps of experience I can share if you or Papi have any questions. Good luck Papi and keep up your pain meds even when you feel like you don't need them. Hugs. :)

  5. thank you vee! i will definitely chat to you with questions :)


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