Monday, October 24, 2011

Papi's DIY mojo is back.

It's DIY time again.

Papi will be in for his surgery on Friday.

o god, my heart just skipped a beat ...

After my love's uterus has suffered the art of Dr. Scissorhands, I will be taking care of mi esposo until Papi can care for himself.

So, while we're preparing, we did the obligatory massive shop at Costco, so mi esposo could carry heavy things that we may need.

ah for fucks sakes, we forgot kitty litter!!! aaaaarrrrrgh!!!

Furthermore, there's also a few things around the house that need to be taken care of before Papi is down for the 6 weeks.

One such thing?  Putting up curtains.

It's crazy, but since the sewage flood, we haven't had curtains on our window.

Being no stranger to stalkers, ...

and a few restraining orders required to keep me safe ... yikes there's scary folks out there!

... I figure that because the coocoos have come out to play, it's time to put the curtains up.  You never know, said scary folks may also be homicidal and feel the need to watch us before fighting their way past 6 animals to carry out instructions that the voices told them to do.

... nah ... me paranoid? i can't imagine why you'd think that!

Off we went to the cold room and found all the necessary tools: hammer, leveler, screws, chiprock anchors, and of course, the power drill.

Papi has been certified for medicinal cannabis for anxiety now, because my love has been getting panic attacks from fear of the surgery.  Well, yesterday was my love's first attempt at getting friendly with the little drops.

It was probably not the best time to think about putting up curtains.

The last ones we put up, someone pulled them down while we were in the Dominican.  I thought it was fine, because the curtains were crooked anyway.  It would give us a chance to put them up properly.

I asked if I could help, and of course was granted a, "Yes!" but it didn't work out that way.  I'm pretty sure the happy drops had  something to do with the manner in which Papi went full bore into drilling without measuring.

Well, here's the first attempt:
So I asked, "Are you sure you don't want to measure things baby?"

"Nah, It's gonna be fine."
After putting in the anchors, my love said, "Oh, that didn't work out so well."

At this point, I decided to document the famous Papi DIY project with the full fledged Papirazzi, because it's just so entertaining for you all to feel my pain.  Then I heard, "I thought we were going to do this together?"

"Yeah, so did I," I giggled with a reply, "but then you went all commando and started drilling without my help."
I thought I'd add in this pic just for the full effect.  Notice the cord dangling from Papi's thigh.

my what a big drill you have papi!

Next I heard, "Well I didn't mean for that to happen."

oh, you mean this?
I think there will some new 'rules' in the house:  No power tools while under the influence of medicinal marijuana.
Papi put the anchors in anyway, and as we put the curtains up, Papi said, "Ok.  So just don't pull on the curtains and it will be fine."
Ok, but I'm pretty sure the hole is supposed to be round to hold in the anchor, no?

Well, we have curtains.
But if you ever are invited to come to our house, don't touch them, or look behind them K?  We'll just pretend that they're perfect.

And that concludes Papi's DIY for the day.

There will be more.

We still have 4 days.

oh my stomach ...


  1. Hang in there Andrea! Everything will work out great and you'll both be home and movin' around before you know it! You both will be in my thoughts!

    Your curtains look awesome! I wish mine looked as nice...

  2. kim, all you really need is the ILLUSION that they look ok, right?!?! no?!?

  3. Hahahaha...I am crying with laughter here.

    Even I could do it better. I'd wait until Papi's laid up then get someone in to do the rest of the jobs.

    I just re-read the article and the newer replies, I started to type out a comment myself, but I changed my mind. I'll wait and think about what I want to say, because atm I want to rip into all of them. Hehehe.

  4. the best part was when papi just started drilling without even thinking for a moment about it.

    tape measure? leveler? no need in papi's DIY world

    as for the coocoos leaving comments ... git'er did dirty lol! your feistiness is always welcome xo

  5. haha 4 more days of fun/work :)

  6. i know alex! could be entertaining hehe

  7. Haha, laughing along too. :D

  8. oh laugh now vee ... i'm sure there will be more more more to share ... lol! oh my dearest DIY papi

  9. You know why they call them "power tools"?
    Yeah, they're designed for powerful people who are great at making estimates!
    Booyah Papi!
    Plus it looks perfect to me.
    Keep the lights dimmed. hahahaha

  10. lol! i've passed your message about dimming the lights on to papi who said, "Nobody will be able to tell. So there."

  11. My what a large drill you have.... LOL!

    Still laughing... :)

    Hope surgery goes well and he heals FAST!

  12. thank you extro! i think i'm going to force feed papi health food to heal him fast as possible lol!

    glad you liked the drill hehehe


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