Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Game is Boring Now.

The Galloping Gazelle is plotting his revenge.

... as opposed to what i'm doing ... i'm venting ...

I thought I'd talk about the Fuzzy Family instead of the person that upset Papi.

because apparently, i share too much information ...

You see, right now The Galloping Gazelle is sitting on the La-Z-Boy growling.

... seriously ... someone wrote an email to papi saying how horribly transphobic i am ...

There was a bit of drama on the upstairs G'ma floor, and The Galloping Gazelle got nicked in the back of the leg for cornering Psycho Kitty.  You don't mess with Psycho Kitty.

... i mean really, how rude is it that someone would vent to papi about their wife?!?!  who does that?!?  that's what you have team Rah-Rah-Tranny and the Hen Peckers for!!  go talk shit about me there, fool!

So, there was much squealing and now The Bastard Prince has regained his place in the world.  You see, at the beginning of The Galloping Gazelle's visit, this is where The Bastard Prince lived:

... i suppose i'm used to people flapping their gums, and now that i'm through with being weak, i'm not taking it anymore ... funny part is, i find people's distaste in my honesty rather entertaining ...

Well, The Bastard Prince has regained his strength and is sitting on his favourite pedestal, staring down this poor, humiliated, four-legged soul.  "Fuck with us, eh? {yeah he's a canadian cat} You think so?  My homeboy has my ass up there.  You think he's taken a round out of you?  Wait for my turn."

... it sucks, because papi thought he had a friend ...

So, the balance is shifting in this dog vs. cat phase.  I keep trying to remind The Galloping Gazelle that this one is just as scary as the one upstairs.  Cats are bitches man!!!

... well, not anymore.  apparently, my feelings about losing my butch are not as important as his feelings about my article ... oh! and if i want support, they have a group that meets once a year at Gender Odyssey. yeah. you read that right ... once a year ...

Every once in a while, The Galloping Gazelle will come down off the La-Z-Boy and bark, but he quickly retreats when he sees this:

... all i know is, the reaction that this person had, and the insensitive manner in which he expressed these feelings are the exact thing i was afraid of ... but not anymore ... every time i'm pushed to be silenced, i'll work harder to find another person who needs my support ...

I feel like we're changing dogs one at a time to live in harmony with cats.  By the time The World's Loudest Snorer went home, the cats were a non-issue, with an occasional 'to be wary of' moment.

... i'd love to bitch more about this, but i have music to compose ...

One thing I can ask is, if cats 'n dogs can live together in harmony, why can't we?  It's an old story that rears it's ugly head every time one person thinks differently than the next.

... thanx for listening to my rant ... i'm off to go fill my life with love now ... one harmonic note at a time ...

I hope you spend your day focusing on the good in your world, because that's my only mission today.


  1. Hey A, dogs are so funny when they think they can rule and the cat bitch-slaps them into their place. Sorry about the douche bag. Glad you are not thinking about it at all;) I'm sure you will put it from your mind. But letting yourself vent is healthy.
    Jamie (fucking google)

  2. jamie sweetheart where's your icon?!?! please don't tell me you have bad news about your blog?!?! i guess i'll be backing up mine again today ...

  3. Id love to see your kitties with Anaya :D I want to see how well I have done with her inside a home with cats muwahahahahaha. (outside she can walk by with just a bit of curiosity no prey drive)

    On the phobic end... Id like to remind people of the definition of the word.

    An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something: "he had a phobia about being under water"; "a phobia of germs"; "a snake phobia".

    Easton has known for a while how he has felt, you found out just recently. Change is big and scary and there is NOTHING wrong with that at all. NOTHING PHOBIC about it. If the person has an issue with what you write, they should address it to YOU maybe? Or.... OR.... not reading your blog or listening to what you need to say. Just sayin. I love you and you are the most tolerant happy and positive person I know... even when you were at one of your lowest points you ALWAYS found something positive to say. Clearly this person doesn't know you too well, and that is sad.

    I love you A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND you're a great friend!

  4. :) thanx for your love jenn :)

    bring anaya ANYTIME!

    this person does not know the whole story and it's impossible to get that without knowing. i just wish people WOULD get the whole story BEFORE they diss me ... but that's the nature of the beast.

    and i have vented and am now letting it go ...

  5. Maybe it's time to write some angry punk songs? Or a gangsta-rap!

  6. rafa, i get to be demonic in my music video this weekend ... i will be channeling my inner punk-rap xo

  7. Jenn: I think you're being deliberately inflammatory.
    "Transphobia" has as much to do with irrational phobias as do "homophobia" and "Islamophobia" - hint: they're rooted in prejudice, not traumatic associations or whatever.
    (Also, I'm not entirely sure that eleven months, nearly a year really still counts as "just recently", but that's neither here nor there.)

    Want to know what is transphobic? Using the phrase "Rah-Rah Tranny crowd". Hell, using the word "tranny" at all if you're not a trans woman (Easton, I left you a comment on this note over at the Xtra! post - have you read it?) is pretty transphobic (w/r/t issues of reclamation - for the time being, if you're not a trans woman, using that word is more hindrance than help).

    Deliberately framing an article to (awkwardly) avoid using any pronouns for your partner in transition? Both transphobic and not recommended by any decent manual of style I can think of.

    Andréa, I'm not trying to attack you as a person. I'm sure you're lovely. But you have to acknowledge that empirically, some of the things you've done have been empirically transphobic, and your e-mail sender was justified in saying so.

    PS: Have you checked out VCH's Transgender Health Program? They have a whole bunch of resources with regards to groups that meet - Vancouver has a multitude of support groups, of which at least one or two have to for or inclusive of trans SOFFAs.

  8. thank you for the resource 'now' steph ;) like you said this is not a recent ordeal. i could've used this support when i first started asking for it. unfortunately i found dead end after dead end of finding the support i needed.

    so i made my own. i worked through it on my own.

    i completely agree with you that my labels are **ahem** un-PC, but you know what? you labeling me transphobic, which albeit a PC term, is a whole lot less humorous than imagining you with pom-poms.

    i'm hot for butches, and i married the perfect butch. i then had to find my own grieving process (albeit publicly) to make it through until i found people who had feelings like myself.

    they came out of the woodwork.

    now i am too. it's just that my voice is a little louder.

    we're all entitled to our feelings. thanks for sharing yours as well.

  9. Hey Steph. I saw your comment online a few days ago and didn't respond b/c i didn't think there was any point. I will still call myself Tranny. Of course I can you know why? Because I am one and that is how i identify. To say it's only for trans women is redic. I am sorry for the way people used to use it against trans women.

    I'm not interested in arguing with any political Tranny's /Queers. You have your ideas and I have mine.

  10. given my acrophobia does that mean I am in fact prejudiced towards heights ?

    whatever next ? tall buildings fighting for their rights ?

    re cats and dogs living together, you might think they do - but the cats are just laying low, playing it cool and biding their time

    you're a pussy Andrea lol

  11. in a lion who was just waiting for her time to show her claws and ROAR !!

  12. ROFLMFAO!!!!!!

    i am a pussy ;)

    a loud one.

  13. Steph, do not attempt to make claims which are not fact. You stated in the article comments section, (in regards to Easton's use of the word Tranny) "That word isn't yours. It hasn't historically been used against trans men, and it's not really yours to claim, let alone "proudly"." I am a trans man, and have been attacked for being a trans man, and been called a tranny, in hatred, by my attackers and I am not alone in that. I know quite a few trans men who have had that experience. Now in this comments section you are attempting to invalidate the experiences of ALL trans men who have been called tranny in hatred by saying the use of the word by folks other than trans women is TRANSPHOBIC. Seriously? How dare you. Do not tell me or any other trans man that “That word isn’t yours” I earned the right to reclaim it as my own if I so choose with every bone they broke in my face that night. So have many other trans men. Until you know that the trans guy you are speaking to was not one of that group, have some respect that trans men have struggled just as hard on this journey as our trans sisters.


  14. erik, i don't know what to say other than, i really appreciate your input as another side. it means a lot that you're here on this path with us ...


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