Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Fine Art of Distraction

I'm having a really hard time writing today.

I'm feeling very disjointed.

Yesterday, Papi asked me, "Are you nervous about Friday?"

Of course I answered honestly, "Yes."

"Because you seem like you are," he added flippantly.


I didn't know I was giving off heebie, jeebie vibes.

But then, it is me we're talking about.  I'm not really good at hiding my feelings.

We had good news from the benefits.  Papi gets a private room.

this is good, because nobody will see me force feeding papi vegetables.

I figure I can feed my love anything I want, because he won't be able to do anything about it.

There will be a mini Papi cleanse going on!

I'm on a mission to force feed my love different things that normally he would turn his nose up at.

I have the power.

**enter eeeevil laugh here**

The other good part, is mi esposo is having a positive experience using medicinal cannabis for anxiety.

Well, the inevitable will happen and you will get the munchies.  Then we reach for carbs, sugar and salt.

But honestly, when you have the munchies, anything will taste good.

So, in my evilness of health food persuasion, I'll be making sure Papi gets to try new things when those munchies kick in.

See how I did that?

I can distract myself in an instant.

I forgot that tomorrow is the day that mi esposo keeps speaking about as bum-fuck-nowhere doomsday with Dr. Scissorhands.

The only reason I can't completely forget is because Papi keeps talking death talk.

Now that I'm remembering, it's time to distract myself again.

I'm gong to go work on the film score and cook.

healthy yummy treats mwahahahahaha!!!!!!!


I'm nervous.

And I just donned on me that I'll be in the throws of dressings and a stubborn patient.


Stubborn patient doesn't really even come close to what I'll be dealing with.

So, tomorrow is another change.

But that's what life's about anyway, isn't it?


  1. If everything goes as planned and is done laproscopically, there will be no dressings to change. And only 3-4 small chicken pox type scars.

  2. thank you oc :)

    so now i only have a stubborn patient xo

  3. Wish y'all well....... It will be over before you know it!

  4. yes it will twister! already time to go to sleep and by tomorrow, i'll be all tired driving home right now ... thank you sweety xo

  5. Hey I wish you both the best and a speedy recovery for Papi.
    This will be a walk in the park for you A, I just know and feel it in my vibes too. =)

  6. Ha! Funny you mentioned this, just a couple weeks ago I went up in class to present my psychology project, and I was really anxious since I really wanted to get it over and done with, but everyone kept talking about the other projects and then there was only 15 minutes of class left.

    I got up there and just HANDED my psych teacher my bibliography, and she's like "breathe!"

    I didn't know it was THAT noticeable, if at all!

    My boyfriend used to work at Domino's (pizza place) and one time he got some pot heads who called in asking if they had grape pizza....

    K. lol

  7. @psycho, i think you're right :) so far so good ... coffee, 2 eggs, apple sauce ... check ... breakfast is staying in my belly.

    @angela, grape pizza? gimme some time for the pain killers to kick in and i'll let you know if it sounds good.

    @jamie, thank you sweety xo

  8. Sending y'all tons of positive energy today!!!!

  9. I just want to say good luck today. Sorry I didn't come sooner to send you my wishes. {hugs}

  10. extro & kim, thank you so much ... papi is out and drooling now. xoxo

  11. ok the "Death Talk" was really me telling you stuff about the house just in case something happened to me or i wasn't home etc.....
    I'll admit some of it was a bit excessive. Sorry but i blame my PTSD

  12. you're forgiven papi. just do as i say now, K?


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