Friday, February 17, 2012

The Case of the Vagina

So, here's a good day in TransLand for you.

Remember when Papi was so sick for 3, almost 4 months?!?!


That hysterectomy really did a number on my love. 

This meant many tests to find out just what was going on there.

Off we went to emergency, clinics, our own GP etc.  Every time, my dear sweet love would go through tremendous stress to have to deal with these personal invasions.

Well, we got a bill in the mail from our BC Medical Services Plan.

They wanted to charge us for one of the tests.

We have benefits.

This is Canada.

Yet they wanted us to pay?

There had to be some kind of problem.

As we looked a little closer we found the issue.

When they removed my love's uterus, they left the vaginal wall where it should be.

No surprises.

Point is, my love has a vagina.

The problem for the health system, was that they had a 'male' identified person going in for a test who needed a vaginal culture.

If you look below the 'total' we were expected to pay, you'll see the details.

"Your gender registered at MSP is incorrect."

Can you imagine the person who received the details of the individual for this test?

A male identified person with a vagina?

How utterly confusing for someone who has no idea about the transgender experience.

But how absolutely hilarious for us.

I think Papi and I giggled for a good hour about this one.

Your gender registered at MSP is incorrect?


So nice that one person in our health care system is able to make that judgement without having any idea about medicine whatsoever.

Stick to your day job creep.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I did indeed write a lovely fuck you email to the skank who thought it was appropriate to laugh at someone in a wheelchair with a brain injury.

Then I blocked her and anyone else who is on my friends list that could allow the scum of the earth to see my Facebook page and laugh at someone for their misfortunes.

i attract good into my life


  1. Actually that is funny. And good for you about getting rid of the skank and her cronies.

  2. I can imagine smoke coming from the persons ears that was trying to figure this one out. HA!!

    1. totally!!! did they think that maybe it was identity theft?!?!?

  3. Too great! This one will have me giggling for a while too! =)

    I am terribly sorry they are trying to charge you however, that's just silly.

    Oh, and facebook is crap, I'm so glad I finally got away. Maybe I'll be able to stay completely away!

    As a kind of side note, I'm just so proud of the two of you. I haven't been reading your blog for long, only about a year, but you both have done so many awesome things in that short time. Major kudos =)

    1. facebook is really difficult sometimes. i am learning to hold it with surface value.

      and thank you for the accolades :) we are both very lucky


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