Sunday, February 19, 2012

Femme Sandwich.

Goddam sorry I didn't get to chat to you yesterday.

I was having too much fun being fought over by 2 hot butches and a cute soft dyke at a Shul.

My Gratitude Buddy and our mutual lovely friend were sitting on either side of me and I felt like a femme sandwich.

Deliciously sandwiched between two sexy butches.

My Gratitude Buddy felt the need to have a chat with her pal and asked me to slide over to her seat so she could steal mine.

Of course I allowed her to have her butch time!  But I wasn't pleased that my sandwich was becoming open faced.

When I slid beside the cute dyke to my right, I heard My Gratitude Buddy's pal say, "Hey!  You took away the pretty girl!  Don't be so selfish and share!"

I giggled the sweetest most innocent giggle I've felt in a while.

We changed spots back again, when the stranger that was becoming further from me said, "Hey, but now you've taken away the pretty girl from me!"

I went to my first Jewish ritual ever.

If butches & dykes fight over femmes there, I'm in for good!  Goddam!  I'll be going every week!


Anyway, I really did enjoy the positive messages that they sent.  It was nothing like the nuns I grew up with that would take any opportunity to belittle or abuse a child.

Oh, here's something I need to ask you.

So, this morning, I broke a mirror.

I'm not sure if I should find some magic potion to rid my existence of the 7 years of bad luck that's supposed to come upon me, or go with the fact that I'm usually quite the opposite of most bad luck theories.

You know how everyone freaks about Friday the 13th?  I look forward to it, because I have nothing but the best luck on that day.

Could this mean that I will have the very best luck for 7 years?


The last 7 years of my life have had a lot of bad luck thrown at me.  Perhaps it's because I hadn't broken a mirror!

Maybe I should break one every 7 years to ensure I have 7 years of good luck!!

So here's my dilemma.  Do I find some sorceress ...

... oh i think i know the right one already ...

... and potentially erase my 7 years of good luck?  Or do I go with the fact that I have good luck on Friday the 13ths?

Do you see my dilemma?


I'll have to ponder that one while I bide my time until the next Shul.


I'm in.

i accept responsibility for my mistakes, as well as my successes


  1. I like that you have opposite feelings to Friday 13 and good things happen to you on those days. So, I say the broken mirror should do the same.

    btw sounds like so much fun at the Jewish place :)

    1. yeah ... i was having a bad day today and i thought 'ono!!! it's the mirror!!' but then i remembered, no, it's the fact that i ate sugar.

      my brain doesn't function on sugar.

      then my day got better and i'm back to thinking that the mirror did me good hehe

      and the shul was probably not intended on being fun lol! we made it fun :)


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