Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Here it is.

The day G'ma returns.

If you don't hear from me in more than a week, call the authorities and the mental institutions, as it may cause my love and I to tilt.

It's going to be a rough one folks.

She's decided for us that we're not entitled to our own lives.  She's decided, "They can't leave until I'm gone, and they have a nice basement suite they should be grateful for."


In her house.

Not ours.

Here it comes.

This old bird is never going to die.  She's 96 and her bodily system is as healthy as a 30 year old.

Only thing is, her mind is reverting back to being a toddler in their terrible twos.

We can't wait out our lives in the dungeon.  We need to start our married lives together.  We haven't really done that, because of a few minor setbacks.

Motorcycle accident, brain injury, miscarriage, male transformation.

You know, just the usual life stuff.

However, now that I've broken my mirror, it's time to get a move on.

A big amazing adventure awaits us.  We never know when life is going to be ripped from our existence.

Just like in my accident, 2 seconds in time can change your life forever.

We need to start living our lives together before we lose it.

So, no, G'ma, we can't live our lives for you.

I just saw an old fart on TV that is 105.


Minus 96 would be 9 more years in this dungeon of a basement.


I will not be living here for 9 more years while the crazy old Alzheimer's patient barks out orders and gramma drama homophobic rants.

A big amazing world awaits Papi and I.

It's time to be selfish.

It's time to have that wonderful life that the G'ma repeats stories about minute to minute.

It's really time to start living and preparing for our move to the Dominican Republic.

Sorry old bird.

Things are about to change drastically for you.  If only you could think positively about your own life. 

I feel for you.  I really do.

you can press on long after you think you can't.  it's a matter of wanting it bad enough


  1. Grab every moment. You worked hard for it.

  2. Gma's lived a full life time for you to do the same x

    1. that's how we feel too kiki ... she doesn't agree we deserve it i suppose.

  3. I hear you A and I feel for you.

    Au bon vivant mon ami! Go for it!

    1. i know you know psycho ... so far she's being nice hehehe


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