Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We humans are sick fucks.

I was just over at a blogger friend's site, and he made me realize something.  He was talking about how since he's let go of a lot of his anger, he's lost readers.

Nobody really wants to read about people getting happy!

Well, unless of course, they are already happy and the article is about how to become even happier.

There's a difference there.

We people love train wrecks.

We people love to rubber neck.

We love to read about others misfortunes and pain.


Well, I guess it's entertaining when it's someone else, and sometimes, it makes us feel better about our own lives when someone else has it worse off.

I see this blog moving further away from the grief of losing my butch, because I'm moving away from the pain.

This means, I'm starting to see a shift in the readers I have.  I'm not really losing readers, they're just changing is all.

Changing with me.

Of course, as life progresses, I'm sure it will switch from my dear tranny, to my personal struggle of well being, to our big move to the Dominican Republic.

You will then get to laugh at my failed attempts at milking a goat.

Better yet, you'll get to see a 1st world country, ignorant, honky woman try to mingle with those who only see me as 'white', with really bad Spanish.  Not as a potential friend to fill their heart with love.

There's racism all over the world.

Somehow, as a cracker, I fell like I deserve it though, because of all the wrong doings of my ancestors.

I'm embarrassed that people I may be related to harmed the First Nations here in North America, and it seems, continue to do so.

I'm horrified that great grandfathers used Asian people as a way to get into dangerous areas, because they were considered a 'lesser' human and expendable.

I'm so heartbroken for the stories of Black folks who can tell tales of their family being slaves and beaten for the colour of their skin.

I'm disgusted by the rantings of those in our neighbouring country, who go on about their neighbouring country Mexico being such a problem.

Would you not want to escape a country that is killing your families?  Would you not want to come to a country that was one step up from the perpetual mayhem that is?  It's what your ancestors did when they came over here and took over by killing the indigenous.

I'm sorry for every colour of skin out there that has been harmed at the hands of white people.

All I can say is, I'm so proud that I have Jewish heritage, even if it was only from my Great Grandmother's side.  At least I have something of virtue to hang on to other than my honky background.

Jeeeeezus.  How did I get on this rant?!?!  I was just talking about goats for fucks sakes!!

Anyway, my point was, nobody like to read about boring topics like how Sir Bark-A-Lot just tangoed with Psycho Kitty and lost the fight this morning.

Oh it was good folks.  He didn't start squealing until he broke free.

What kind of idiot chihuahua takes on a cat 3 times his size?!?!

Sir Bark-A-Lot.  That's who.

Sorry if this wasn't angry enough for you.

I'm sure I'll have something to bitch about tomorrow.  I can't really go too long before I'm back on my soap box.

i am sure of my ability to do what is necessary to improve my life


  1. I would like to add that racism against white people is as much bullshit as any other form of prejudice. Yes white people have done terrible things to other peoples but YOU have not (I assume) so you deserve none of the blame. People of every color have committed atrocities throughout history but each of us deserve to be judged on our own merits and faults, not on those of our ancestors.

    Sorry for the rant. Just the view of a non-white who is sick of all and every type of racism.

    1. don't apologize for the rant! and yeah ... i haven't done anything other than fall prey to racism myself.

      my family brought me up racist. i had to fight my way out of the thinking.

      i did, but i'm still affected by the horror of people who haven't. diego, i'm not sure what the answer is. i'm sure i'll be long dead when people stop seeing colour as prestige.

  2. I am with Diego. As a First Nations member myself, I could go on and on touting the ills done to my people by this group and that group...but realistically, were those things done directly to me directly by them?...NO, they weren't. People are responsible for THEIR actions....and should not take on the ills of their culture, race, religion or any of that unless they were DIRECTLY responsible.

    And darlin', the only answer to LOVE. Show them loving kindness, give them loving forgiveness, and teach them to simply love. It's a hard lesson to teach, but oh so worth it.

    1. i know that when i am faced with racism when i'm there, i'll deal with it with love. i guess i just wish there was a way to make up for our ancestors wrongs.

      and good god were they wrong.

      but we all learn as we go, don't we ...

    2. Well, we con only "make up" for it by living our lives in a good way, but one cannot undo the past. As you said...we learn as we go. Don't be so hard on yourself....YOU are a good's all those other fucks I am worried about. LOL


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