Thursday, February 16, 2012


I'm sorry if you came by yesterday to find a blog that seemed to be posted, however was not there.

Papi told me to remove it, as it may put another person in danger if the offender figures out who I was speaking about.


Let's just talk about karma.

You can still say karma is a bitch, and I'm it's queen.  I feel like a bit of a sick and twisted person for enjoying this, but when karma actually comes to existence, it makes me happy for the process of life.

When we're done wrong by people, if it's bad enough that we can fall into great despair. 

I just can't tell you how many times in my life I've been attacked by cliques and their leader.

There is always a ring leader.

There are always minions.

There are always going to be people who believe the lies of the head honcho, because they want so badly to be accepted by the person they idolize.

In every case of my life, I have silently writhed in pain from these groups of people.

This re-occurring theme in my life seems to be a bit monotonous.

Yet, every time it happens, I withdraw and allow the lies to be believed.

There's not much I can do to stop the lies and gossip, so I let it be.

I sit back like a tarantula in my web, waiting for the opportunity to strike when someone else has had the same experience.

I can allow people to believe the lies about me, because it weeds out the scum mother fuckers who don't deserve my friendship.

I just found out the worst of their personality.

These people would use my 'friend'ship on Facebook to go through my pages and laugh at my misfortune.

Can you believe that they would go through my pictures and laugh at me being in a wheelchair from brain injury?

I can.

I know whom I'm dealing with.

Well, one person has come forth believing what I've gone through.

All it takes is that one person for me to feel that I'm vindicated.

I know that karma will have her day on all the many cliques who have decided that they can prey on my weakness.

Right back to high school bitches.

Only this time, I'm stronger.

This time, I'm not afraid to say fuck you.

my instincts can be trusted.


  1. I have no belief in karma, unfortunately. But it nice to see when somebody's own assholery bites them in the ass:)

    1. i have to believe in karma. i have to believe that every evil person out there receives what's coming to them.

      the good part is, i also believe that the good that happens to me is karma.

      it's the closest i'll ever come to believing in something :)

    2. That is why I would like to believe in Karma. Unfortunately too many times you see people get away with shit and nothing happens. I would like to believe it all comes down on them, but I don't truly believe it does in equal doses. BUT I do believe that you get out of this life what you take. The strong people who love despite everything get love. The people who put out hate, will get it back. Because haters will surround themselves with haters and it is only a matter of time.

    3. That makes me mad... very very mad. thats all I can say about that.. <3 I love you dearly <3

    4. it's ok jenn ... they'll get theirs. they always do.

      i just had to be patient enough to wait to see it.


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