Saturday, February 4, 2012

Welcome back, Papi!

My love is sleeping off the Graveyard Coma right now, after his first week back to work since the surgery and antibiotic poisoning.

I was a little worried for Papi, as I wasn't so sure he was ready to go back to work after such a long illness.

However, sometimes, getting back to work is what we need.  It puts normalcy into our life again.

We're kinda like cats.  Our body physically relaxes when we have a routine.

Yeah, we all need to shake the routine up every once in a while, but we're truly creatures of habit.

Anyway, I remember all the flack my love got from the Rah-Rah-Trannies on their gossip/slander forum when news got out that my love wouldn't be quitting his current job.

Like children throwing a temper tantrum because they didn't get their way, it quickly divided my love's supporters vs. haters.

You have to be a woman to work there, and the community went into a melee about Papi transitioning to a male, but still having the privilege of keeping a woman's job.

I argued for my love until I turned blue.  Nobody really understands the relationship between my love and these sweet souls.

There are so many people who don't want to be labeled, but when given the chance, they will label someone else if it suites them.

The ring leaders of their sheep followers decided for my love that he couldn't work there if he wanted to be seen as a male.

Anyway, the whole argument that I had was not about a 'man' and his clients.

It was about Papi and the relationship that has been built between all of them.

There are some rules mi esposo must follow if he's going to keep this job.

My love is not permitted to have facial hair while working there.  He got himself a nifty little shave kit and I get to enjoy mi esposo fussing over himself in the mirror.

Kinda fun.

Kinda like my love gets to see why we femmes take so long in the bathroom.

Point is, Papi is loved by these women more than anyone really knows.

Here is an example of their gratitude for mi esposo returning to work:

This is the reason my love doesn't stop working, even through all the harsh criticism.

However, there is one part of my love's existence in this workplace that just may change his mind about the rules of the roost.

The fact that he doesn't get to grow that face fuzz.

I saw a twinkling of a moment toward change when my love said, "I hate that I have to shave off my hair."

I'm grateful to Papi's boss for setting this rule.  Now my love has a nice clean face.

Regardless, I'm just glad that mi esposo made it through the first week of work.

Now this means that he will get down to some good times of DIY mania.

First item on the docket?

The gutters.

I'll be sure to have my camera ready.

i deserve to have and enjoy prosperity and affluence in my life


  1. I think your love is very brave in fact i think you both are ! You must have a lot of love for each other to stay so strong I think i'm jealous.x.

    1. sometimes, we are fortunate enough to find our soul mate. i'm one of the fortunate.

      everyone has the potential of finding their person. don't ever give up sweety.

      yours is out there too xo

    2. Well I hope I dont meet him Andrea I dont think my hubby would be to amused I know he's not my soulmate but he still makes me laugh after 10 years together good enough!

    3. kiki, if you still laugh after 10 years, then you are one of the luckiest people on the planet.

      WE are members of the luckiest people on the planet.

      i'm so happy for you that you have a mate that makes your life richer xoxoxo

  2. It's great that Papi has been well enough to go to work for a whole week. I wish the haters would fuck off and find something else to amuse themselves with. Pathetic much? And these people are adults, yeah? *shakes head*

    1. vee, they've pretty much stopped bothering us. they're on to someone new now. you know? they're not happy unless they're making people miserable, and since they didn't accomplish that with us, they moved on.


      they're considered adults.


  3. Good to know Papi is doing better and I look forward to the gutter diy include pics please :)

    1. oh alex, there WILL be pictures. there's always too much fun to be had watching his DIY projects.

      we'll call it PapiVision! lol!


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