Thursday, April 5, 2012

ah, the abuse i endure ...

I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

God I hate that saying!  I would never kill any birds!  But somehow this archaic adage rolls off my tongue and finger tips, as if it were my favourite.

Anyway, I had to wake mi esposo up for a run around, complete with my handy dandy chauffeur extraordinaire, Papi.

I decided, instead of my usual repeating of my love's name, then shaking him, that it would be better to sing him awake.

What I found was, music does indeed calm the savage beast.

Sir Bark-A-Lot didn't nip and bite at me for waking up his number one person.

I'd sing Papi's name with every chromatic scale I would play, and Sir Bark-A-Lot would merely sit beside me and smile his little chihuahua smirk and I got some bass strengthening in.

When my love actually arose from my crooning, the first words out of his mouth, after the moan of dispair were, "You know you talk too much right?"

I had to agree.

Yes.  I talk a lot.  I make up for people who are too shy to blurt things out, or occasionally battle for my voice to be heard over other extroverts.

However, I wasn't expecting this: "So, is there anything you can do about it?"

I'm glad I know my love enough to know that this is just partnered poking as opposed to my last nasty abusive ex who actually meant her horrible words.

"Piss off," I said with the most love I could muster while rounding up our things for our day of supported errand running.

This ridiculousness of a conversation was followed up by my love shuffling quickly into the living room for a panicked computer session before we left the house.

My love was in a Sims-O-Rama-Banana-Fana-Ding-Dong-Land crisis!

I asked mi esposo, "Um, shouldn't we get going if we need to get everything done?"

Without breathing, my love replied, "Look.  I've got important things to do and I only have 3 days to do it."

Life can be pretty stressful.

Especially when your Sim-O-Rama-Banana-Fana-Ding-Dong-Land is in need of attention.

I wish my love put that much energy into his usual DIY projects.

We haven't had one to entertain us for a while, but it is getting nice out, so I'm sure there will be fun to share.

It has taken Papi months to heal from the antibiotic poisoning.

He really is getting better now.

We both are.

I'm hoping that by the summer we'll both be a power house of healing and energy that we can share together.

Here's to hoping.

And here's to a day where I haven't needed pain killers yet!

This is a great day.

And I got to talk your ear off.

i am fully present in the moment


  1. That is a horrible saying. Sounds like a great day. I love days with lots of running around to do. I know, I'm a freak, but I just find it is so much fun to do a thousand little things for your home.

    1. i hate that saying!!

      and yes, i like to keep busy too. i try to stay as busy as i can until the pain meds knock me down. then i drool and stare at things hehe

  2. So glad to read you're both on the mend. :) xx

    1. thank you vee!

      i hope all is very well with you in your travels!!!

  3. haha @ Sim-O-Rama-Banana-Fana-Ding-Dong-Land :)

    Good post, sounds like a great day!

    1. oh the ding donging is stilllllllll going on.

      it's getting even more tense. lol!

  4. Verbal diarrhea I have that to !
    I've been told I talk like a chipmunk on speed :)
    what a pair you look like one and I sound like one lol!

    1. ah kiki, so you'd be one of the ones i'd be fighting to get my words in eh?

      i like it xoxo

    2. Yep fraid so I talk at a hundred miles an hour, even in my head which is really annoying because I don't type very fast,so I miss words out that I've said in my head but not typed and it always surprises me when I read it back cos I'm sure I typed it

    3. that's so funny kiki! i never know i've blogged about things already.

      case in point, the marriage license.

      brain injury land is oh so much fun xoxo


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