Friday, April 27, 2012



I went for my lunch with Mommy Dearest.

It was really nice!

She didn't tell me I wasn't good enough at all during our visit.

These kind of visits are the ones that make me want to see her again.

It is nice when she's nice to me.

It's even better with my baby sister around.  She always brings a new dynamic to the table.

However, my baby sister could only stick around for a quick kiss, hug and vent.

My poor sis.  She's such a hard worker and all she wanted was a lunch date with us.  Her class didn't allow it.  Everyone wanted lunch early, so we only got the flash of her.

While they sat across from me, all I could do was stare at their perfectly straight, white teeth that I didn't inherit from the family.

I smiled to show my mom to see if she noticed the difference since my jaw surgery, but she couldn't.

Papi wanted to know if she brought up the Easter dinner.

"No, no, no.  We don't talk about anything important," is all I could say to my love.

We don't.

As long as we keep things very surface, very much about the weather and keep all the attention off my life, everything is fine.

Today, I get to go for breakfast with some very sweet friends.

I just hope my jaw calms down enough to chew.

You see, last night, I tried to help The Golden up to the bed.  Now that he's older, he has troubles with his front legs, and can't jump up.

As I bent over to place his front paws on the bed to help him out, he decided that this was the perfect opportunity to jump.

With full force.

Straight up into my still healing jaw.

I won't actually have a full bone in my jaw for another 4 months, hence, the pain was swift and the jarring to my already shaky brain threw me to the floor.

From there I squirmed in pain on my back, pushing myself across the hairy, stinky laminate.

That was pain.

It was a rough sleep let me tell you.

I woke up terrified that I'd see this again:

does anyone recognize this chipmunk? 
But, everything was ok.

My teeth still match.

My jaw still opens and it's no more swollen than it is every morning I wake up.

I guess those little metal plates, pins and screws did their job well.

The worst part about the whole thing was The Bastard Prince knew I wasn't moving and decided this was the time to go through the dirty dishes, chase The Mrs. and torment Sir Bark-A-Lot.


He's no fucking help.


Ok!  Off I go to get pretty for my favourite restaurant!  Jethro's Fine Grub! 

i am at peace


  1. Ouch !! and thank you for the chipmunk photo I know it's cruel but it makes me smile :D I think it's because you have the ability to laugh at yourself, and you look like chip hehehe!

    1. it's a very unhappy mouth right now yikes!!!

      and if ya can't laugh at yourself you're taking life too seriously!!


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