Monday, April 16, 2012

My Mushy Family Post.

Let me tell you how wonderful of a family my baby sister has.

First, I was greeted by my nephew, who is now taller than me.

He was a perfect, young gentleman who grabbed all my items from me to help me in the door.  I was so impressed by this.  My nephew has become a true gentleman!

My niece is thrilled about plants and birds!  That made me so happy!  She has a pretty little heart with a tendency for lying or manipulating to get her way.  If that doesn't work, she just asks Daddy.  He'll always give her what she wants.

She's got him wrapped around that pretty little finger in a tight fashion.  He is never going to let go of his little girl.

Then there's my brother in-law, whom I made some homemade pain killers for.  I did it!  I helped him feel better!

But then he passed out.  That sucked.  Oh, how I can relate.

My baby sister was the star of the show, with an amazing spread of food and her no bullshit attitude, I was glued to her side, and if given the opportunity, I would have hugged her all night.

However, she was a bit busy.

Oh, I didn't mention Papi and I brought G'ma and the dogs.

We couldn't leave the old fart alone in the house for so many hours, so we brought her along.

I can't bear children, but because I wanted one, life gave me what I asked for.

Only thing is, it's in the form of 96 years, with Alzheimer's and a walker.

Oh, and diapers.

At least I don't have to change them.  Papi has already said that if need be, he'll be the undies cleaner.

There have been a few accidents from the old bird already and Papi took care of it.

I'm sorta like the man in this sense.  I'll be sick if I try to deal with it.

... yes, as a matter of fact, i am a wimp. whatever! judge yourself! ...

Chaos was in abundance and I think The Golden may have aged about 3 years with this visit, because there was a puppy.

A very, very bad puppy.

Not to mention, there was also a super humper!  Their other dog just couldn't get enough of our one eye's sexiness and was a horn dog for the whole night.

Sir Bark-A-Lot made sure he did his job protecting his herd.


And it felt like a normal family.

My family.

My family, who accepts and loves Papi, G'ma and I.

There we all were, enjoying our meal and nobody knew I felt like I was whole.  I felt I had all I needed, because there was so much love.

And pain.  I don't recommend trying to eat steak a month and a half after jaw surgery.

I also brought my last container of coconut ice cream and ate it with glee, while the rest of them ate apple caramel crumble topped with real ice cream.

Yes, theirs sounds wayyyyyyyy better than mine, but my sweet tooth was satiated and I left feeling sleepy from potatoes and processed sugar.

Today is a new day and I begin to treat my body with the respect it deserves.  I look forward to feeling healthier physically and emotionally, having more energy, and getting rid of the little red spots on my face, legs and chest from too much bad food.

All I have to do is not buy the goodies I want.

This won't be difficult.  I have $3 to last me until the 23rd of this month.

Really, this whole blob/blab entry could be said with one sentence:

I have an amazingly wonderful family.

today, i will keep going inside myself to find joy


  1. You made your brother in law pass out! what was that home made pain killer exactly? not that I want to make anyone pass out! honest!!!

  2. amen to that good site go well

  3. interesting post amen to your last comment, be well

  4. good post loverly family,be well

    1. thank you for all your comments agman! and welcome to my crazy lady page :)


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