Saturday, April 7, 2012

I met the Easter Bunny!!

The Easter Bunny does exist!

Only it comes in the form of 2 sweet newlyweds, with leftovers from a wonderful wedding.

None-the-less, I now know the Easter Bunny exists.

... still waiting for god to call ... maybe jesus will call me tomorrow on his return?

And I have a wad of chocolate.

It reminds me of when I was a kid and the meanest gift the Easter Bunny brought me was a solid chocolate bunny.

I spent the entire day digging and breaking and shaving, and still the solid bunny was whole.

It took a week just to get down to the shoulders!!

Anyway, this is a brick.

Well it was a brick of chocolate.

But as you can see, I didn't quite get a chance to take a picture of it in it's whole form, because the groom and I were having a feast as soon as it arrived.


The bride also brought some left over wedding cake.


Although that didn't last long enough for me to take a picture of.


Actually, I'm not sorry.

You bitches get to eat chocolate cake all the fucking time.

This was a wheat and dairy free cake.  They only arrive once a year for my birthday, only this year, I got some at the actual wedding and I got more last night.

I was so worried about my bum going missing from the jaw surgery liquid diet, aka: baby food.

Nobody has to worry anymore.

My ass is back, and almost full form.

I kinda like it where it is.  It still looks good, but it fits in my pants a little better.

Normally, I have my eggs with my coffee, but today I followed suit of the groom's actions and put a chunk 'o chocolate in my warm, dark, inviting, spicy Dominican Republic style coffee.

Dairy free, cinnamon mocha bitches!!!

I have enough chocolate for the entire Easter weekend!

That made yesterday a really Goooooooooood Friday.

Oh, don't mind if I have some more!

I hope the Easter Bunny gets to visit you this weekend as well.

Something tells me your bunny may look a little different from mine.

Today's daily mantra is from my MC Guru:

i vow to care nurture and love my body to the best of my ability

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