Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oh, Brother. Where art thou?

So, I may have the strangest family ever.

I just found out that I have a half brother floating out there somewhere that nobody thought was information that I should know about.

I've always known there was a brother out there.

I've mentioned it to people quite frequently through my life.

... i'm sure there may be more halves out there as well ...

However, I may never get to find him.  Nobody knows the name of the girl my sperm donor knocked up when they were only 15.

Well, I'm excluding my father of course.  He might.

However, I'm not into being falsely friendly, just to get information out of him.

If I can't honestly call him just because I want to, I don't want to call him because I want something.

That's his job.

But the excitement is overwhelming, even if I will probably never get to meet him.

I learned more about my Jewish lineage as well.

Another well kept secret in my family.


What the fuck is everyone so fucking afraid of?

No wonder I have self-esteem issues.  I have a family who is embarrassed of themselves.

Growing up like that is sure to create a few issues.

I have felt like I don't fit in with the family all my life.

As I go along I find out why.

Having a division of information that each pod has is bound to keep people at arms length with one another.

Anyway, I have a half brother.

I sure wish I had a big brother growing up.

It would have been nice to have some guidance.

But I had some from my aunts.  They were good for that.

Aunts are awesome.

So was my late uncle.  Until he left us.

And the poor soul who overdosed on heroin and is now living back in her young lady years.  She's kinda stuck there forever.

That aunt's not doing so awesome.

She could have used some guidance as well.

I feel like we should have had a reality show follow us around.  It would have been a fucking block buster with all the drama.

I don't have time to tell you all about the drama, because I have to get ready for my day.

My wonderful, beautiful day, with My Gratitude Buddy and then!!!! ...

... wait for it folks ...

... The Annual Sexy Sauna Party!!!!

Yes, it's that time of year again to get naked with a bunch of people in the 'community'.

I'm heading into the lions den tonight, but I'm also heading into a lot of love.

A lot more love than dislike that's for sure.

So, I must run and get all pretty like!

you cannot change what you refuse to confront


  1. Wow, bizarre to find that out. I've often wondered myself if there might not be another one or two half siblings out there. But I think it would freak me out knowing there is one out there and not knowing who. I hope you get a chance to solve the mystery.

    1. i hope i can solve it too jamie, but i'm not sure it will happen. nobody remembers the birth mother's name :(

  2. Each Pod? your family are pod people lol !!

    1. lol! yes we are definitely pod people. the only peas in a pod i can deal with are the fresh ones lol!

  3. wow, maybe someday you could find each other

    1. alex, i'll probably put energy out toward him every day that i live from now forth.

      you never know ... magic can happen ... i hope we find one another

  4. I wonder if he knows about you ? You're kinda high-profile what with your music and being half of the famous Hector-Browns. Maybe he will find you.
    The world being the small place it is he might live in the next street.

    So yeah, I finally got around to visiting here.
    Now off for a backwards catch up, I will try not to leave endless comments....

    1. i doubt he does dirty, but i'll keep putting it out there. i hope he looks for me. i really really do ...


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