Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Birthday

It is indeed.

We did great last night!

One good thing about performing, is all your pain disappears for a while.

I had the most horrific brain injury moment last night however.

and no, it wasn't just the fact that i forgot to put on deodorant ...

I haven't played with my bass amplifier for over 3 years.  So, for 3 years I haven't even looked at the damn thing.

With brain injury, everything is like the first time you have ever done it.

I didn't know how to plug the cabinet into my bass guitar head.  I panicked and that makes things worse for my condition.  I can't even focus on words when I get to this point.

There I was in a world of men who will judge me already, because it's just the way it goes for female musicians.

"you're a pretty good player for a girl"

But now?  Now I have to ask one of them for help?

Now they'll laugh for sure!!!!

I told my drummer what was going on, that I was so embarrassed, and that I didn't want to ask any of them for help.

He told me not to be silly and explain the situation.

So I did.

Turns out, someone actually plugged something into the socket I was supposed to be using, causing me to not be able to understand that 'output' was for me.  It was already taken.

They didn't laugh.  They just helped me.  They were so wonderful.  Then I brandished my abilities and they had new found respect for me.

yes, i CAN play. i'm not just a dumb blonde

At the show, Papi had a few trannies to hang out with.  One that we haven't seen in a while, because he held a grudge against my love.

But last night?


Couldn't get a word in edge wise with either of them once they started yacking.

Then it happened.

The Tranny Terrorist came out to play.

Papi lifted up the shirt to exploit The Great Breast Disappearance.

I just about died!

There I was writhing and yelling, "No, no no no no!!!  You can't do that Papi!!!"

They all just laughed and pointed their attention to my love.

Apparently, mi esposo had been flashing people all night.  Everyone wanted to see.

what kinda sick fucks are you all?!?!?

I just cringed.

Papi was proud.

It's so strange how we both live in different head spaces with all of this.

Anyway, that was really the last I saw of Papi all night.  My love was too busy talking tranny talk with a rekindled friendship.

It pleased me so much that this harmony was being experienced on my night.

It truly was a magical night.

Right down to the standing ovation we got.




HECTOR's back bitches!

Happy Birthday to me.


  1. please tour. and come to winnipeg. ok? GREAT!

  2. now touring ... that's another story ... i will think about that loL!

  3. Tour to York PA! I'm sure Club XS would let you play. :D

  4. that's if the border guards would let us cross into the US. for some reason, they don't like me :)

  5. Make it a world tour and come here !!!

  6. Just wanted to come say Happy Birthday!!!!!! Have a wonderful week! You deserve it!!!!

  7. lol dirty! i'll think about that too :)

    twister thank you very much :) lovely to have you stop by xo

  8. Magnificent news birthday gurl!
    yeah, am with DCG ^! World tour.
    I mean if people pay for Miley Freakin' Cyrus, I'd pay to watch you!

    Feliz cumpleaños! Besos!♥

  9. :) i'll make you my pr person xo


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