Monday, June 27, 2011

Ok ... maybe more than a day

Papi's home.

I'm happy.

Not just because I missed my love, but also because now we can do tag team damage control with the G'ma.

guess what fucking conversation i just had?  no really ... guess!!

I'm starting to think I'm a cretin, because I'm basking in the knowledge that my love was forced to be a butch for a couple of days.  It's almost as if I have a small reprieve from the changes.

Is that so bad?

A little break?

A tiny moment to pretend that mi esposo is still the same butch I married is a good thing.

I'm pretty sure that it all comes down to my love shaving that caterpillar off.

However, it will be back.

It's not even good enough.  My love wants to have a soul patch.

I want my love to stay a butch.

I know that this is just a short break, but I'm enjoying it immensely.

It made it an even sweeter hello for when Papi returned.

it didn't hurt that i also got a ride home from work instead of slithering on the bus with pain.

However, tomorrow my love goes back to work.  This means I will only see Papi on Saturday afternoons and nights.  It will not be enough time, but it will have to do.

you know damn well i'll be waking papi up as soon as i can to have my quality time on those days **enter evil laugh here**

I imagine that once I've missed my love so much, that caterpillar will probably mean less to me as well.

You know?

Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

Today's 'quality' time will be spent running back and forth to appointments before I toddle off to my 10 hour shift.

I shouldn't bitch though.

I have my love for a few hours and that's a good thing.

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