Saturday, June 25, 2011

papi's pride.

So, I was corrected by Papi.

"You think I'm excited about getting man hair?  I'm not excited!  Nobody tells you about the ass crack hair that grows like crazy, or the horrible oily skin!  Nobody tells you about the unibrow.  If I get a fucking unibrow I will FREAK OUT!!!"

I giggled and quietly kept typing out my love's word for word monologue for your entertainment.

Papi continued the tirade, "So no I'm not HAPPY about the hair or how about the hair growing on my toes and the tops of my feet.  Did I say I was happy about that?!  No!!!!!  Who's happy about that?!?  Well other than the F-Ms that like that shit."


I'm glad we got that sorted out.

I stand corrected!

and now apparently, so do you.

Right now, Papi is in the U, S of A for Seattle Pride with one of our very good friends (and Trust List member) who has my love hopped up on Vicodin.

party on papi ...

I guess being in a crowd with those nasty nasty wounds would be painful.  One jab to the chest and there would be tears I'm sure.

My love is unhappy though, because the absence of a moustache is now having everyone call mi esposo a female.

That is of course, other than the woman in the washroom who told Papi, "You're in the wrong washroom," and proceeded to chat my love's ear off about her friend leaving her alone while they were peeing.

ahhh ... pride ... what joyous mayhem you provide for us ...

So my love is whooping it up in Seattle and I'm cursing my fucking back because I needed to to a 'refresher' course at work.

and from what i hear, i haven't fed the cats fast enough. if The Mrs. yells, it's serious business. i'm pretty sure i hear her getting ammo ready ...

Papi said the dyke march was today, but, "I won't be marching because I'm not considered a woman or a dyke so you don't have to worry about me getting yelled at by anyone there."

This really was just a dig at me for my reasoning that Papi shouldn't be riding in Dykes on Bikes.


I just laugh at mi esposo's attempts at sarcasm.

I know that when Papi is snarky like this, it's only because my love wants to see me smile.

I wonder if my love wanted me to smile when I heard this, "I wonder what people will do if I take my top off?"

Now, my love usually goes topless for Pride, but I can't imagine what people would do seeing the horrendous wounds on my love.

I really hope that was just for smiles as well.

ok ... now i'm just rambling ... sorry

In all honesty, I really only wanted to get on here to give a massive CON-GRAT-U-FUCKING-LATIONS to New York for having people get their heads out of their fucking asses.

but instead blathered on about papi ...

If you live under a rock, New York has now allowed all us gays to be legally married there.

It's absolutely ridiculous that there has to be so much dialogue about this, but at least we're going further in teaching people how to be human beings to one another.

It is a beautiful day to see the world take another step closer to love.


  1. Tell Papi to STFU, I'm a straight woman whose happy to be just that and I have had to deal with greasy skin, a moustache and hairy toes all my fucking life !

    Honestly - I have to wax my toes and it HURTS.

    But really good news about NY, how odd that a city that is considered to be so cosmopolitan has only just allowed something that's been law here for years.

  2. did you like papi's vent? i giggled. mostly at the ass crack hair part

  3. Yes sweetie... the world moves with the feelings of mankind. =)


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