Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's really all about my hair.

It's not good for a house to be ignored by 2 people.

That mess that I thought I had under control is pure mayhem.  It's so bad I don't know where to begin.  That is of course, if I can pick things up with this bloody back being a pisser.


It really doesn't matter until Saturday.

Today is all about rehearsal and making sure my Honkey 'Fro is going to behave itself for my performance tomorrow.


I have to start a day ahead ...

hehe a head

... to get this 'fro to work out.  I will have to suffer through the fluffies today, then tomorrow it will be happy getting it's second dose of wax.

It would be worse if I was still using shampoo.

I haven't used shampoo since Papi dropped the male transformation bomb on me in November.

During that blow, I wouldn't wash my hair.  I would lie in the tub exposing only my nose for air, wishing the drain would expand enough to fit me in, washing me away with the water.

That was when I discovered my hair is so much happier without shampoo.

is that my fucking silver lining?  hair?!?!?

I just hope that our fans will even be feeling like coming out on Friday.

to see my hair

I'm not sure where my readers will be reading from on this calm Thursday, but last night our downtown core had a riot.

Our local hockey team didn't win the Stanley Cup, so like spoiled brats stomping their feet accompanied by a lip sticking out, young males destroyed our downtown core.

Honestly though, these are the same cretin who tried to start a widespread riot during the Olympics.  These are the same idiots who travel from town to town with the intention of spreading violence and hate to vent their immature frustration.

maybe they should try blogging

They have a choice to riot about our crappy Prime Minister and all the cuts he's giving to our education, health and seniors.

But nooooooooo.  They choose hockey.

The simpletons rioting last night weren't hockey fans.  The true fans cheered on the opposition with well deserved regard when they won the cup.

Those are the Canadians we'd like to be associated with.

The rioters actually brought in their own vehicle to destroy, to begin the proceedings of the riot.

It worked.

Our city is embarrassed and shamed that this is what we had to show the world at the end of a well played season.

I'm not a hockey fan per se, but it was a nice excuse to get together with friends and cheer on our team.  The feeling of oneness in our city is a good heart feeling.  It was just like during the Olympics when everyone rallied in pride.

I wasn't a fan of the Olympics either, but to feel that patriotic movement was enough to make me feel honoured to be a Canadian.

There was no pride last night.

So I wonder?

Will people who are disgusted with this showing of moronic values even feel like going out on Friday for our CD Release celebration?

We'll find out.

All I know is, my hair will be ready.


  1. i would give almost anything to be going to your CD release party tomorrow. i will be thinking of you, and of your amazing hair! oh, and your amazing voice and guitar plying prowess, of course!
    kisses and misses

  2. It was alcohol and hooligan yesterday, not anarchists. Nothing to do with people against the Olympics on stolen land.

  3. @oc, thank you ... i wish you were here too

    @anonymous, you from van? there is actually proof that they are the same people, as they were arrested at both riots.

    i don't want to get into an argument, this is not the forum, but they brought molotov cocktails and masks. they were going to riot whether we won or not.

    so ... not anarchists?

    i'm not against protests (like Olympics on stolen land) but violence, i will never condone.

  4. riots are watch on tv! I enjoyed it! there's nothing like mindless destruction to warm my heart!

    Anyway. Have fun at your CD launch! AWWW yeah!

  5. if it's on tv, it never feels real

    when it's in your own city, it sux.

    anyway, thanx rafa, i will have funnnnn :)

  6. papi will be taking film of our performance.

    i will be posting it if i like it enough lmao!

  7. Post it anyway and let us be the judges - we all know how self- deprecating you can be :)


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